Mark Sanford handily defeats Colbert-Busch


Mark Sanford wins special election for Congress

1 million Democratic dollars down the drain. Ha!

The NRCC abandoned Sanford. The Paul’s came to his aid. He voted like the latter his first time in Congress, and I’m glad to see him back.

Next race: challenge Boehner for speaker.


Are you ignorant or do you not care about corrupt politicians? Sanford is a CROOK. I don’t care that he had an affair, not my business, but it is my business (live a few mins away from SC Border) and SC’s business when this but used taxpayer money to cover up his affair and trip to argentina.


I’ll forgive him on that, and he reimbursed. I am more concerned about his voting record and executive record, both of which are excellent.


I am surprised but relieved. At this point in my existence a Democrat would have to work very very hard to get my support and being the sister of a liberal comedian like Steven Colbert doesn’t help. Not to mention moron Grayson decided to YET AGAIN throw out the race card like he always does in her defense. She didn’t tell to not represent her which means its all the same team. I’m very sorry Sanford was what got chosen in the primary, but if we’re going to keep the Dems from attempting to retake the House, it was necessary to support him.


That is how I feel about most elections. Sometimes it works well, other times you get Scott Brownie-Boy. (By the way, I do donate to campaigns in other states sometimes, if I like a candidate, or just despise the opponent.)


You’re all cheering that a criminal was reelected, simply because it means that a so-called liberal was not elected?

Examples like this are why most Americans resent the Republican party. And for legalizing torture.


AMEN to this!!!

And bigfoot, I hope you never go on a anti-corruption campaign or something because that would make you a hypocrite.


What crime did Mark Sanford get convicted of?


Obviously he wasn’t convicted or he wouldn’t have won this election or even been allowed to run. But there was evidence that he used public funds but he got away with it because he paid it all back. There also other violations regarding use of State planes and haircuts, though those were unsubstantiated.

Of course that’s enough wiggle room for people to claim that he’s a “changed” man so I’ll drop the argument. He’s dirty but not as dirty as Rangel, DeLay, or Murtha. But he’s dirty nonetheless.

I just want to know, how do you people (Sanford supporters) have the AUDACITY to say you oppose “politics as usual” or “corrupt politicians” if you are willing to support someone who fits both categories IF he agrees with you on the issues?


of the 4 posters who posted before you only 1 was “cheering”

Examples like this are why most Americans resent the Republican party.

Half the country is democrat and half is republicans that statement is just silly hate mongering

And for legalizing torture.

I dont know what this has to do with a representative from South Carolina but the majority of Americans support waterboarding


Convicted of what? Sleeping around on his wife? Site Clinton cheating on your wife IS NOT a crime. Its scumbagish but it isn’t against the law.


Sanford has been accused and has signaled/admitted to some impropriety with using taxpayer $$$'s to cover up his affair. He paid back the money I have heard but not sure.


Hmmm so he used tax money to fly to Argentina to have an affair. Compare this to an entire Political Party that believes it has a right to take more and more money from the people to spend on lobbyists and labor unions to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars in exchange for votes bought by tax money. I still prefer Sanford to a woman who would only add to that problem.


Barring the union part I would argue we have two political parties that do this.


He’s better than 95% of Republicans in Congress, meaning he’s better than 99% of Congress.

A great win.


Exactly. Calling him a criminal when he hasn’t even been charged with a crime is kind of, well… excrementy.


Well he got charged with 37 ethics violations, would have been impeached is the democrats hadnt blocked it and he got censured.


The man is corrupt. Doesn’t matter if he’s a Dem or a Pubbie, his character is lacking. That is what I see as one of our greatest obstacles. Character.
This generation idolizes people of such character, we would never have even acknowledged them, in my youth. I believe the character of this President to be lacking, beyond all comprehension. We do not consider character enough, when it comes to politicians. We got more crooks in Washington DC, than in Chicago. It is so obvious to us old folks, since we have something to compare it to.
When I was young, my Grandfather needed 5 grand on a Sunday for some kinda tractor attachment so he called their local Bank President, and he opened the bank, for my Gramps. The reason he gave never has left me. He said it was because of my grandfather’s character, otherwise he’d never do it. WE do not have that, anymore. And it is killing the US.


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