Mark Sanford on Executive Branch Scandals: 'This Is Part Of A Larger Pattern'


I’m so glad mark is back in congress. He was probably the best representative on fiscal issues during his last tenure and now that he’s back and owes the establishment absolutely nothing he’ll be great. Would love to see him as speaker someday soon!


One of the most corrupt, unethical politicians as speaker, I guess anarchists arent even trying to wear the mask of libertarianism anymore.


I’m not an anarchist or even a libertarian.

Mark Sanford’s voting record on fiscal conservatism speaks for itself. During his time in the House he was perhaps the best fiscal conservative by any measure. He would make an excellent Speaker…much better than Boehner or any other establishment hack.


Voting fiscally has nothing to do with being a leader. Putting Sanford as speaker would be like putting a bull in a china shop. The only reason to want that is if your goal is to destroy the credibility and legitimacy of congress, which is no doubt to goal of “you people” (since you hate labels)


Sanford lied to his wife, his constituents and all of the citizens of this country. While I like his fiscal track record, you can not trust him until he proves himself reliable. That is near impossible for a politician.


I was gonna say, “Ask much?” lol

But here is how it was for S.C., as you may know. In this last go-around, it was a choice between a known, reliable fiscal conservative, or a moonbat Dem. What do YOU think will play out in a state that I don’t think has voted for a Dem in their entire lives?
Admittedly, I don’t know a great deal about S.C.'s past, but my daughter, who lives there, is as a conservative Republican as you can get, as are her husband and in-laws who pay a good amount of attention to politics. ALL of their votes were on Sanford, regardless of his personal escapades. Why? Because the alternative was unthinkable.)

Btw, Sanford blubbered the Boeing example terribly. I’m glad I didn’t have to vote for him.


Republicans during the Bush years and Democrats since Obama have pretty much already done that.


So moral relativity then?