Martyr killed by bulldozer becomes symbol of growing persecution of Christians in Chi


Martyr killed by bulldozer becomes symbol of growing persecution of Christians in China | Fox News

A Christian woman’s fateful and defiant stance in front of a bulldozer last week evoked the memory of Tiananmen Square and has become a rallying cry against persecution at the hands of the Beijing government.

The woman, identified by Christian activists as Ding Cuimei, wife of the Rev. Li Jiangong, was trying to stop the government-ordered demolition of Beitou Church in the central Hena province city of Zhumadian. Unlike the iconic man who brazenly stopped a tank in the 1989 uprising, Ding was pushed into a ditch and buried alive as horrified congregants watched helplessly.

“Bury them alive for me,” a member of the demolition team said according to a report by China Aid, a nonprofit focused on human rights and religious freedom in the world’s most populous country. “I will be responsible for their lives.”


May she rest in peace.

This following is slightly off topic:

I am a fallen away Roman Catholic. I wonder why the Church does not canonize this woman and many of the martyrs in the middle east instead of an endless parade of their predecessors in office. These Christians are true examples of a faith which I respect but do not fully understand.


Remember a bunch of people who once said, “His blood be upon us and upon our children!”


Do you remember Rachael Corrie? She did the same thing. She wasn’t a Christian if I remember correctly. She was a leftist who hated Israel, naturally, and loved the so called ‘Palestinians’ which really equates to muslims. Her death was lamented for a long period of time. This Chinese Christian will get no acknowledgement from this government and especially from the president of this country.


Because you’ve conflated “noble death” with “sainthood”. The Catholic Church does not equivocate those two things.

The proposed person needs have an outright miracle attributed to them after death, just to be beatified, the step before Sainthood. They need to have a second one before any proposal of canonization.

Without those two miracles, the most the Church will declare is “Servant of God” and “Venerable”.

They’re doing so right now for people largely killed during the Spanish Civil War, WWII, and the Iron Curtain.

Promulgation of Decrees by Congregation for Causes of Saints

One such person who may be declared a Saint, is Jerzy Popiełuszko.