Marxist shot in head in Kenosha … Developing

Not on any cable news that I have seen?
(P.S. The Yelling in this article is … none of my doing!) 8)

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Julio Rosas from has the video of when the shooting started.

There’s one very graphic shot of a Antifa thug with a big chunk of his right bicep shot away.

The citizens are beginning to push back against the violent horde.

Kenosha seems as good a place as any for the people to rise up.

If you have a weak stomach … Don’t bother viewing!

Click on VIEW to the right of The following media includes potentially sensitive content.

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Talk about taking A Bite Out of Crime
Now the little Antifa punk can’t jerk off. Boo hoo

Bottom pic, dead man running dropping his skateboard club, with a round to the chest, taking his last breath…

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BREAKING NOW: Trump to Send National Guard to Kenosha, Wisconsin at Governor’s Request

While I would not express that sentiment quite so graphically, I do think that these White college graduates, who think that it’s cool to dress up in black, cover up their identity with a mask and go in to burn down our cities should start paying some penalties.

Maybe some arrests, felony convictions and hard time in prison when they could become someone tough guy’s “female dog” would give them an opportunity to re-consider their life choices. These little punks have no idea how they are going to replace our society and government. All they know is what they learned in their college indoctrination classes.

They have gone to college to become profoundly stupid.

Well, you know me and how I feel about these guys

As well they should. They are violent criminals committing crimes and endangering lives. Shooting them is justified because they are placing lives in imminent danger.

Thats what they need, to be ripped away from mommy and daddy and free internet and Starbucks

You are correct sir.

But come on man, Bite Out of Crime ? That was funny. :slight_smile:

By the way, taking your advice and ignoring CSasshat has made me feel much more relaxed.