Mass Shooter Confesses He Learned to Hate White People in College

Yeah, quite a few on this forum would love to do that. Because then we could work our minimum wage jobs for them and they can reap the massive profits. Love the war on education by this forum.

So instead of blaming those directly teaching this guy then we are going to persecute the whole of higher education? Seems pretty unreasonable.

If he had stated that He learned to hate black people, would you have posted that?

No, it wouldn’t have ended up on the news site in the first place probably.

BOP, please be so good as to quote my exact words with which I indicted all universities and colleges! I didn’t, and you know it very well! Can the strawman arguments.

Because by posting this, even without saying the words “colleges are to blame” it stoked this discussion to turn towards blaming ALL colleges. Even the title of the article doesn’t even mention the college’s name. No, it says college in an obvious attempt to demonize all colleges and not just this one.

Proof? Well, the first response is Jstang’s where he basically makes the statement that liberals, not the professor or professors at this college are to blame. Which is to say that he believes that these professors that implanted “white hate” into this student are liberals (not surprising when you consider his past statements regarding professors) and then he goes on to compare these apparent “liberal” college professors to represent the entirety of liberals.

When you posted this, whether it was intentional or not then you demonized colleges around the country. Of course, most members of this forum are going to leap at any chance to demonize higher education (as they’ve shown on numerous threads). In fact, all people do on this forum are demonize higher education without giving any alternatives besides not going to college.

Are you saying he wouldn’t have?

Do you think he’s a racist for posting about black racism?

Perhaps he’s just pointing out the obvious, that hate is taught by the left, but the leftist media will not cover it. So much so that this liberal lefty felt it was the right thing to do, killing whitey, but we don’t get to hear about it as we warm up to pictures of the Messiah on tv telling us how great everything in America is right now.

Hate is hate, and the left is just as guilty as anyone else.

That’s irrelevant, OSB, but FWIW, I detest racists regardless of color. So I would consider posting a racially reversed equivalent story.

And BOP, take that up with the MSM folk who decide what they consider worth covering.

BS BOP! You tried a strawman argument and I’m calling you on it.

Nowhere in the article did it say the shooter or the college professors were “liberal lefty”. So your whole post is completely erroneous.

Take a look at Jstang’s last post then. Nowhere in the article does it say that anyone is a lefty but that doesn’t stop him from making assumptions.

What language are you reading? I posted :

Come on Pete, this has to have been a coerced confession. We all know that liberals can’t be haters.

Hate… that’s the object.

I didn’t say anything about college. I want my daughter to go to LSU.

I give people some fecal rations when people espouse classroom knowledge over actually living.

Perhaps you can provide proof that he isn’t, his professor wasn’t, or his school wasn’t filled with them?

Yes, you’re ability to stay alive. A skill that 7 billion people on Earth possess means you are more knowledgeable.

Assumption? No, I do believe that statistics bear out my conclusion. Perhaps you’d like to return to the topic?

I don’t need to. The burden of proof isn’t on me. I didn’t claim they were conservatives. You can’t make assumptions without proof.

Really? 7 billion people? These are Marines you speak of? Interesting.

What does that have to do with a black racist who admits he learned enough hate at college to go off and kill whiteys?

I can’t? INteresting. Tell me more.
Especially how this has to do with a black racist who admits he learned enough hate at college to go off and kill whiteys?

because you called the killer a lefty.

Indeed, and if someone has proof that the guy is actually a Right Winger, I’ll take it back and admit I was wrong.

I’m not stating he was either one because I don’t have proof. That’s usually how things are done. If you find proof that he is a lefty then I will agree with you that he is a lefty.