Massachusetts Judge Who Helped Illegal Immigrant Escape ICE Arrest Indicted, Federal Authorities Say



If they’re guilty, throw the book at them. Although I suspect it’s too little too late.


Andrew Lelling is the same US Attorney who is prosecuting the college admissions scandals.

BTW … The Judge today!


There’s no crying in the game of disobeying the law! Woman up and go to jail!


She should never sit on the bench again. Her reputation is ruined and I hope she has a lot A LOT of time to contemplate that…as for her co conspirator…the same.


If she is sent to jail or only thrown off the Bench, watch the Democrats rally to her side and declare that she is a martyr in the fight for “immigrant rights.” She might even end up financially ahead of the game. She’ll be able to go on the lecture tour at the many colleges (a.k.a. “progressive indoctrination centers”) where she will be hailed as a hero.


any updates on this?


Nothing that I can find.


I’ve noticed a lot of stories like that that get left in limbo; either for a long time, or indefinitely.


In Massachusetts they will wait for this to blow over, and she will be back on the bench.