Massive cdc fraud

From sources cited in your argument.

“A lack of federal guidelines has created huge variation in how states are reporting their COVID-19 data and in what kind of data they provide to the public.”

More like a lack of leadership at the top.

“In at least one state, Virginia, senior officials are blending the results of two different types of coronavirus test in order to report a more favorable result to the public.”

Hmmm…that sounds like under-counting, not over-counting.

" Other differences make it hard to track the pandemic. In at least three other states, officials have lumped together probable and confirmed COVID-19 deaths; most don’t specify how they’re counting deaths. While most states report the number of people who have been tested for the coronavirus, six states say they track the number of samples that have been tested—and California and New Jersey switched methods in the past few weeks. Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, and New York do not report the racial or ethnic breakdown of coronavirus cases.* Even more states fail to report the racial breakdown of deaths. It is still impossible to know, for example, how many black people have died of COVID-19, though the data that do exist suggest that black people are dying at much higher levels than other groups."

But what we do know is cities in TX , CA and FL that we know about. TX state government isn’t reporting those hospitals at capacity and TX and FL are hiding data. Complete failure of leadership during a health crisis, but yeah, you’ll vote for the man.

What’s really funny (if it weren’t so sad, is you pretend to care about life when it comes to abortion, but could care less when it comes to older adults that are dying as a result. Hypocrite.

Which is EXACTLY why we need leadership at the top, but instead, Trump passed the buck on to the states so he can avoid what would have most certainly been a debacle if he had tried to lead the effort and now he can just blame others for his failures.

HAHAHAHAH you think we don’t see or it is not evident that these blue state tyrants are doing this to harm the economy and ultimately the president??? THEY DON"T CARE That they are hurting American citizens…we are here to be pawns for their power plays. Bastards. If this goes south…they will rue the day.

how many people died unnecessarily because blue state govs and mayors denied patients access to HCQ because they hate the president. MEDIA is MAJOR accomplice to this evil.

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You utter moron! No “science” involved in these blue-State “orders.” Tell us what the “science” is that mandates churches and synagogues MUST close but it’s OK to allow pot stores and liquor stores to remain open? What’s the “science” that mandates that it’s OK to walk on the beach, as long as you restrict your walks to the wet sand but can be arrested for walking on the dry sand? Can you tell us the “science” behind allowing singles tennis, but doubles tennis is verboten and you must NEVER touch your opponent’s balls? Tell us what the “science” is that allows tens of thousands to riot and burn down businesses without consequence but forbids demonstrations against these idiotic lock-downs? Are you REALLY this stupid, or is it an act?


and newsome forbade the singing in churches…how does that prevent covid?? His posh winery is open this weekend…he bragged about it on social media as he closed down everything else for California citizens.

THAT, friend Marxist Brown, is how Marxism/socialism/tyranny works. MIsery for everyone except those at the top. And you’re okay with this??

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The big question is, how can all of these people be out demonstrating, looting and burning, and that’s fine, and yet going to the beach is wrong? You can’t even ask any of these demonstrators if they attended these events because that is “politically incorrect.”

Yes, going to bars has probably spread the disease, but so have all of these demonstrations. BUT those demonstrations fit the Democrat political objective so they are ignored with respect to the disease.

Again, demonstrating in crowds of several thousand is fine, but sitting in church with several dozen others is now illegal? Strolling along the beach on wet sand is OK, but walking across the DRY sand to get TO the wet sand is illegal? Rioting and burning down downtown Minneapolis is fine, but arming yourself so YOUR business or house isn’t burned down is now “assault?” Bernie Sanders commenting about how Mt. Rushmore is a “magnificent achievement” is lauded, but President Trump admiring it is “boosting white supremacy?” Three months ago we were told NOT to wear facemasks because they “don’t prevent Covid-19 transmission” and now we’re being told that if we DON’T wear them in public we can be fined $500? Kalifornia mandates the closure of all wineries and restaurants EXCEPT those belonging to the Governor and other powerful Democrat politicians?

If Americans can’t see through this BS, we are doomed as a nation anyway and the 2020 elections will be meaningless.


Forbidding Independence Day celebrations and fireworks. That didn’t go well for Newsome.

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Too many young people are like Mr. Brown. They are brainwashed. They can’t see though the politically correct hoax. You saw his attack on me, calling me a “jerk” when I pointed out the PC hypocrisy. Unlike some of them, he half way gets it, but he’s been conditioned for so long that he can’t break free.

Maybe when he gets older. I saw the error of my ways when I was 31.

It’s interesting that Bernie Sanders would have called Mt. Rushmore a “magnificent achievement.” Gutzon Borglum who supervised a lot of carving on it before his death, was a member of the KKK. He was also Free Mason. Borglum also supervised the work on the first attempt to carve Stone Mountain. He designed this commemorative half dollar that was sold to raise funds for it.

Borglum was unable to finish it because of shortage of funds, and claims that his projections on the side of the side of the mountain were off. It was completed in the early 1970s. Of course, now the radicals want to destroy it.

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National monuments…priceless, irreplaceable, historical…and let’s not forget…tourist dollars for these states and tax income for the feds.

No one has asked ME how I feel about these historical statues and monuments being destroyed or slated for destruction. I don’t like it. There are more of us than them. We need to remember that. There will always be folk like mr. brown. We need to make sure they get no foothold from here on out.

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No I called you a “jerk” because your whining about having to wear a mask, which, frankly is pretty self centered as wearing masks isn’t about you, it’s about protecting others, it’s no different than requiring people to get vaccines (let me guess you’re an anti-vaxer too?).

It’s no different, wearing a mask is about protecting others because of the nature of the virus, you can be sick for several days without knowing it.

So yeah, whining about how hard it makes your life, the “discomfort” you feel. Needles are uncomfortable too, but people get vaccines.

If I got tested and tested negative, what’s your rationale for my wearing a mask?

What if you are infected after your test?

10 seconds after? Not likely.

Ok, so what is the appropriate amount of time after a test you think you should be able to go mask free?

And, as a follow-up, if mandates are in place, save those that have been recently tested, how would anyone know the difference between people recently tested and those that are simply choosing not to wear a mask?

Why does it matter to YOU whether or not I wear a mask? It isn’t any of your business. Chances are VERY slim that we’ll ever encounter each other in person and even if we did, my not wearing a mask doesn’t affect YOU if you’re wearing yours.

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If I asked, why do you care if I drive drunk, you might say, that you don’t because the chances of my bad decisions directly affecting you are so slim as not worthy of concern. But if I said, should everyone be allowed to drink and drive, suddenly your opinion would (or at least I hope) it would change. Why? because now the chances of you or someone you care about being affected increase.

So the answer to your question is, I really don’t care if you wear a mask or not because the chances that you becoming infected would affect me are pretty slim, but I do care if everyone wears them because if everyone does not, the chances I will be affected, directly or indirectly are very high.

Wrong, as we’ve discussed, surgical masks or cloth mouth coverings do almost nothing to prevent the virus, it is about limiting your (potential) spread. Again, just like a vaccine.

You never did answer my question.

Its not about health. Its about conforming. Submitting. They are calling it respect. But it is submitting.

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Is that what stop lights are, about forcing you to submit…lol