Massive cdc fraud

What question?

What is the appropriate amount of time after a test you think you should be able to go mask free?

And while you’re at it, do you have a thought on my last comment?

I have no reason to believe that I will EVER have to wear a mask after testing negative for the virus.
As for your stop light question, as a former police officer my answer is YES…many are placed in an effort to force people to submit to control by the government. There are thousand…perhaps millions of stop lights, stop signs, etc. whose SOLE purpose is to slow traffic down and nothing else. Ever heard of NTSB? The National Transportation Safety Board. They publish criteria for establishing traffic control devices and they say outright that some stop signs and traffic signals should be placed for the sole purpose of speed control.

stop being stupid. If you want to submit to worthless masks that are required for no purpose other than to show your submission, fine with me.

The mask doesn’t protect you. It protects others FROM you. If you are negative…then they have nothing to worry about from you.

If you want to submit to government control YOU can stop at red lights, I’m not.

Do you see how stupid that sounds?

Your analogy fails on several levels, CSB. Stopping at a stop light protects BOTH you and other drivers and pedestrians from harm. Ignore them and you’re liable to be T-boned or liable to T-bone someone else. Wearing a mask when you aren’t infected doesn’t protect you OR others around you.

it sounds stupid to me that you would equate the two and you can’t tell the difference.

Aha! I think you hit the right chord here, Caroline…STUPID.

Oh, now don’t be silly, I could think of lots of rules that you are asked to follow that only protect the other person, you’re not really going to make me list some, are you?

And when you are asked to do things that keep you from harming or potentially harming others, are you being oppressed by the big bad government?

I think the solution to the mask stuff is very simple. No mandates outside of hospitals. Just let everyone decide where they want to go. Have a park? Awesome, day one it’s a 50-50 split. The normal zone and the mask zone. Same for a store. Mask hours 10-2 and 7-9, no masks from 7-10, 3-7. Bam. You can organize your social events to be normal people, and PoMs (People of the Masks).

Do an attendance count, and adjust based on usage. Have a 95% park with morons jogging in masks? Awesome, ban normal people. Have a park occupied with sane people? Cool. Let the People of the Mask go to their special park.

Honestly, the more I think about the masks, the more I like them. But only if they’re used as a type of voluntary segregation. I have found that literally every single person I know who gets angry at people not wearing masks is an insufferable person I want nothing to do with.


Among patients hospitalized with mild-to-moderate Covid-19, the use of hydroxychloroquine, alone or with azithromycin, did not improve clinical status at 15 days
as compared with standard care. (Funded by the Coalition Covid-19 Brazil and
EMS Pharma; number, NCT04322123.)

This study was done in Brazil, not the US.

That’s interesting, because all the people I’ve come into contact with that steadfastly refuse and think they should be allowed to go without in the face of rules, policies and in some cases laws that require masks are people that seem pretty insufferable IMO.

That said, masks alone won’t solve the problem. Any opportunity we had as a nation to control the spread of the virus and the fallout from it, was lost back in March when this entire debacle was turned into a political issue and now we are living with the fallout, well, all but 150,000 people that are dead, are living with the fallout.

BS. There have NOT been 150,000 people who’ve died from the virus. Haven’t you paid ANY attention to the multiple cases of “Death by Covid-19” that have turned out to be deaths from gunshot, auto accidents, cancers, pneumonia and Alzheimers that were attributed to Covid-19, but were deaths in which the victim either HAD Covid-19 antibodies or it was PRESUMED they did? I’ll bet you that close to HALF of all supposed “Covid-19 deaths” were bogus and I’ll further bet you that the truth will come out by this time next year.

These people died directly or indirectly as a result of COVID-19.

Those things you mention

These happen every single year and are included in the trends we’ve seen for decades. When they do rise above the norm the explanations are usually flu or something similar. This year it’s COVID.

Sez who?

The difference between the average (60,000) and the high (80,000) is 20,000, NOT 150,000 as you’re claiming.

Seriously? And you call my post dumb.

You know you need to add up each week, right?

It is all bullshit. Tell us now csb…Fauci wants us to wear goggles. Got any stats on that. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL