Massive Moore Tornado (likely EF5) massive damage and casualties


[Search for survivors after massive tornado strikes areas near Oklahoma City, killing at least 51 | Fox News](

A)t one point the tornado had winds in excess of 200 MPH and was over a mile wide. The debris ball which is the area in and around the tornado that is debris that the tornado has destroyed and sucked up was 2 miles wide and showed up on weather radar. This could go down as the worst tornado of all time according to meteorologists. Thousands of homes and hundreds of businesses were wiped of their foundations and ripped apart. There were 2 schools totally destroyed and wiped out. One of them was an elementary school where a I guess third graders were hunkered down in the hallway in their tornado positions were killed by the tornado. About 15 of the kids died and there were about 75 in the school at the time the tornado hit and many are missing still, and they are no longer looking for people to save in the school, but just trying to recover the bodies. This is terrifying and the worst tragedy possible.

These people need our prayers and support.


so far 51 people confirmed dead, including children.


Oklahoma sucks


And this post serves what useful purpose in the face of tragedy? Better to say nothing.


What do any of these posts do? Nothing. I can’t give first aid through the Internet.

It was just a matter of time before a tornado like that hit again here.


It serves the purpose of letting those who have loved ones in the area to pray, go there, help. How can you be so dismissal of such a tragedy?

There is a difference between rubbernecking, and informing people that tragedy struck.


He was referring to a single post, not the whole thread.


Well…so do posters that make untimely and tasteless comments like this…but, oh well.


How was it untimely or tasteless? I said Oklahoma sucks. It does suck, the weather sucks. I didn’t say the people suck or deserve what happened. I live 12 miles away from where the tornado hit and tornados hit there all the time. Therefore, Oklahoma sucks.


And you could show not a miniscual amount restraint to keep from posting that in this thread? Bovine Excrement. You intended to be tasteless and untimely.


Thought you guys were against PC? No worries CL, I can assure you that by merely posting that on an online forum that I haven’t done any harm.

Anyways, the damage is pretty crazy. Traffic is crazy bad as well. There’s a lot of food, tower lights, etc. coming in and I’m assuming clean up will start soon.


Last I heard, there was some terrible miscounting of the dead. The figure I heard at noon was only 24. Still bad, but not as bad.


Well this is really weird.
My apologies, FC.
But if I may explain? BOP’s post did not show up before, nor does it now, and it didn’t show up in your, (FC’s) post where he quoted BOP first time around.
How odd. ???

But at least now I see what you were commenting on, FC. I thought you were commenting on the opening post.
So I hope your understand why I thought your comment out of place.

Again, my apologies.

Then again, I don’t know if I’m going to come across any better than BOP did. (Yeah, it was poor timing, dude.)
My husband will not send a cash donation. I agree. Too much gets lost in the shuffle.
However, what he DID want to do was open our home to complete strangers. (We have 2 spare bedrooms.)
I freaked, and told him ain’t no way that’s gonna happen.
Now, that’s not to accuse the good Oklahoma folk of not being trustworthy, but I’ve had my own family move back in while waiting for their home to get readied, and nearly crawled the walls. Strangers? (I guess he forgets the last time we took in strangers and got nothing but disrespect in return?) Plus, we have plans to go out of town this weekend.
Is he nuts?
Or am I being overly selfish?

(Frankly, I’m stunned that he came up with such an idea. It’s so out of character for him that I was gonna check his meds, but he isn’t on any. lol.)

Btw, I wouldn’t mind giving via the Salvation Army. I will not deal with the Red Cross. I WILL send batteries and/or flashlights like they asked. I’m not quite THAT selfish.


BOP deleted his post (in the moderator format, I see a thing that shows where it was and that it was deleted and by whom). I respect him for that. I don’t think he meant for his post to come across the way it did.


Maybe BOP missed it, but this may be the thought context in which some folks interpreted his now-deleted post: ‘Daily Show’ co-creator Lizz Winstead sparks outrage with Oklahoma tornado joke about conservatives. That was my initial thought, which BOP’s subsequent post corrected.

FWIW, when a member “deletes” one of their posts, it and its content is still “there”. A Mod or Admin can see it by clicking a certain icon at the bottom of the “deleted” post. So if you accidentally “delete” a post it can be resurrected. Or if some one puts their foot in their mouth in a post and tries to deny it when called out for it, that won’t work.


Ha I certainly wouldn’t ever say what she said. I really only meant that the state has awful weather (and is really bad in other statistics as well, but that’s another convo)


Bulls I’m so…confused right now… You say that Oklahoma sucks, but yet you live 12 miles away in Oklahoma? Dare I say hypocritical… I agree btw… Oklahoma does suck, unless you are a meteorologist/storm chaser.

FYI, you guys can help by texting 80888 on your cell phone to contribute $10.00. For those that are to young to have their own cell service in their name, go ahead and text the number anyways and your parents will find out in a month when the bills come and there is nothing they can do about it. :>) Only need to do it once.

Mike Huckabee: Isn’t it time we retire the term “RINO”?

Living here doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it lol. It’s where my school is and where I grew up.


That is absolutely wrong to encourage children to be underhanded! No matter the reason.


FWIW, Suz, I was gonna say I hope he was kidding about that last part, but decided to leave it alone 'cuz I remembered the last time. (Taking advantage of tax payers. Remember that?)

But, jftr, if my kid spent 10 CENTS of my money w/o permission, that phone wouldn’t be the only thing yanked from his privilege list so fast he’d forget what privileges were for a long, long time.

I cannot comprehend people who have no problem with stealing.

Brewerfanx, I suppose it would behoove me to ask if you were kidding. I hope so.