massive rise in drone-related crime reports amid paedophile fears


Police are having to investigate a fourfold rise in the number of crime reports involving shop bought drones – including allegations they are being used by paedophiles over children’s playgrounds, peeping toms spying through bedroom windows, burglars scoping out people’s properties, and even cash point scammers recording PIN numbers.
An investigation by The Independent has found that the number of incidents reported to the police involving drones surged by 352 per cent in a single year as the public became increasingly aware – and suspicious – of the machines.

Revealed: massive rise in drone-related crime reports amid paedophile fears | Home News | News | The Independent

I have touched on this subject before with those claiming that it really is not a problem. Well here is another story of the upswing of crime by drone operators who have found many uses for them besides legitimate uses. I predicted this. With each new invention criminals will find a way top use it for their desire to do bad. While some may innocently do something others have grabbed on a way to use it from just spying to delivering drugs.


I wouldn’t worry.

The coming economic crash is gonna empty the resources of most of these peeping toms and kiddy-stalkers.

Strange to say, but we really are at Peak Prosperity - we’ve stopped making real money, but credit is easy and available to everyone. That won’t last; and no matter HOW this election goes, we’re in for a world of hurt.

The market for silly, superficial and petty-criminal toys like this will disappear; and then the drones will disappear from stores. We’re gonna be cooking our pets for meat - and god only knows what kind of hell is gonna be unleased by MS13, or the Moslem sleeper cells, or the Chinese army.


When you live in a society that has become lawless this is what one can expect, if HildaBeast steps in you can expect crime like in Chicago and Detroit to sweep the nation and suddenly a drone flying over your son Billy’s school yard or outside little Janes window at night will be so far down on the list of crimes that by the time the police show up Billy and Jane are working at Wal Mart. And besides, they are white and they no longer count.

The BLM is talking about slavery as if its still going on and only they can stop it and shooting up a WHITEY is a Black RIGHT and ENTITLEMENT!


including allegations they are being used by paedophiles over children’s playgrounds
I would tend to go slow on something like this & not jump to any conclusions. Anymore it seems that everyone suspects everyone of something evil or that they have evil intent. Maybe I think that because I’ve thought how easy it would be to accuse someone, even me. You see I “try” to walk every day. I have a 2 mile route mapped out in my neighborhood. In that route are 3 (yes 3) child care centers of some kind & a school. One of which generally has children in the yard & they wave & I wave back. Does that make me some kind of sick-o? No it doesn’t BUT someone could sure accuse me of it & how exactly would I prove that I wasn’t? One of the hardest things to prove yourself not guilty of is word of mouth. That spreads & your guilty to everyone that hears it.
Oh & how did I pick that route? I actually started with a mile & a half & by extending it a block on each turn it come out very close to 2 miles.