Massive Russian Deployment in Armenia Rattles Washington


The Feb. 21 front-page article “For Turkey, high stakes as troubles intensify” highlighted a critical development: The growing military alliance between Russia and Armenia is threatening Turkey, an indispensable U.S. ally and partner in the fight against the Islamic State.
The announcement that Russia is sending a new set of fighter jets and combat helicopters to an air base only 25 miles from the Turkish border is just the latest example of this alliance.
The two countries’ economic and military ties run deep, bolstered by economic and security agreements and two military bases — including one just outside the Armenian capital. Most significant, Armenia is the only country in the region that shares a border with Turkey and has Russian troops permanently stationed.

The problem as I see it is obama is loath to really stop terrorism. Turkey has ben shown that they support the terrorists and are financing them by by buying oil. Russia and the colation has been attacking ISIS and eliminating the cash and resources that they need to function. obama wants to be global warming friendly and not attack them.