Matt Bevin Tells the EPA to ‘Pound Sand’


The new governor of Kentucky – a Conservative Republican – will tell the EPA to pound sand. He said he is a strict Constitutionalist and he will not allow Barack Obama to destroy the coal industry in Kentucky. One of the most powerful weapons he has as governor, he said is the Tenth Amendment.
The powers not given to the Federal government are the province of the States, he continued. These cases always come down on the side of the States.
Never in the history of the world, has there been such a demand for coal and Kentucky is sitting on an abundance of it. He will tell the EPA and other unelected officials who have no authority over Kentucky as a state to ‘pound sand’, Bevin said.

Matt Bevin Tells the EPA to ‘Pound Sand’ |

The EPA with oderous regulations and a will to impose more stringent requirements is determined to heap more injustice on Americans while world wide nations are told that only developed nations need to restrict their use of resourses and roll back pretty much miniscule amounts of CO2 that we produce with is a gift of life to the very trees that in turn provide oxygen we all breath.

The latest effort of the EPA is joining with the environmental nuts in other nations wanting to curtail air conditioning. Air conditioning saves lives but that is of no consequent to those bent on rolling back society to agrarian times.

I remember back to the time of Nixon when it was decided that public places should keep their air conditioning at 80 degrees. There was an uproar when stories like politicians running around and keeping the air on in their car as well as their own building.

Jump to the present with California’s water shortage and government building still do nothing to restrict their use . Water displays still gushing, sprinklers still going, and from a comment made some where I read water deliberately flushed down to the ocean to protect the fish.


OMG, that article is horribly written! It alludes to an interview of Gov.-elect Bevin with Glenn Beck. This article speaks to that interview, and is from Glenn Beck’s online publication:

Incoming Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin Tells EPA to ‘Pound Sand’ on Big Issue
Nov. 6, 2015 1:57pm

Tré Goins-Phillips

Kentucky Gov.-elect Matt Bevin said in an appearance on The Glenn Beck Radio Program Friday that he will push back against the Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to regulate the coal industry, telling the EPA to “pound sand.”

Bevin’s comments came after Glenn Beck asked, “Now that you’re in, President Obama has said that he’s going to destroy the coal industry. Kentucky is a coal state. What are you going to be doing specifically to push back on that?”

In August, President Barack Obama unveiled his coal policy in partnership with the EPA, granting the agency authority over what is traditionally a state responsibility.

According to Sam Batkins, director of regulatory policy at American Action Forum, the policy will cost $2.5 trillion and 125,800 jobs, along with shuttering 66 power plants.

Bevin, a Tea Party favorite who became only the second Republican in four decades to win Kentucky’s governorship Tuesday, vowed to stand against the EPA when it comes to protecting his state’s large coal industry.

The American steel industry tried playing the EPA’s game, but, with assistance from unions, the EPA succeeded in strangling the American steel industry. I hope Bevin’s confrontation tactic works, hopefully with the participation and aid of other states’ governments, the coal industry, and (“miracles” can happen!) maybe even the UMW.