Matt Gaetz


I don’t know if the accusations are true, but I’ll post this here for posterity’s sake and we can revisit later.

The only thing I find odd is that he was the only member of Congress to vote against a human-trafficking bill. Now I admit I don’t know the details of the bill as I haven’t read it. Maybe one of you knows why he voted against it while every other member of Congress voted for it?

Separate question

Gotta say, Congressman Gaetz’s interview with Tucker Carlson wasn’t very reassuring. Describing 17 year olds as women stopped being a good look since the 50’s

At the time he said something about not wanting to create more “big government.”

Personally, I don’t like the connection people are trying to draw between his “no” vote on that bill and the current investigation. Surely he’s not THAT dumb. Imagining him going:

“So a bill on human trafficking… Wait a minute, I traffic humans! Better vote against it”

Just seems a bit far-fetched of a connection.

In my mind, most interesting is that the DOJ is investigating him in connection to a larger investigation of child trafficking involving Joel Greenberg, who was formally indicted on a bunch of things including trafficking children.

Agreed, I just don’t know why he’d vote against it. The optics are pretty bad, but he was probably trying to make a statement, I’m just not sure what it was.

I’m hearing a mixed bag. I’ll wait for the contents to settle before I start drawing conclusions.

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I think you’re right on that. It was early in his career I think too, probably just trying to make a name for himself.

So, Maddow was spot on with that connection it would seem. Oh man, the venmo receipt news from the last few days though… For the unaware:

Gaetz: $900 to Greenberg with note “to hit up name redacted

Greenberg pays a total of $900 to name redacted and 2 other girls the next morning.

It’s uh, not looking great for Gaetz. Absolute minimum, soliciting human trafficking and prostitutes has gotta be on the table.

There was a hint yesterday that Greenberg might turn on Gaetz.

Bad to worse.