Maxine Waters: Harass Trump Officials at Gas Stations, Restaurants, and Shopping Malls


The thing with Sarah Huckabee and Pam Bondi yesterday on top of the CR@P going on with protesters for the Mexico Border Crashers … I am nearing the end of my patience!


For what it’s worth, I think asking Sarah H Sanders to leave a restaurant was ridiculous. While I’m not surprised, I worry this indecent is likely to set off a rash of these kinds of incidents on both sides.

I can imagine a world where political discrimination rises to the level of other kinds of discrimination we have today.

This is what happens when yesterdays kids, that grew up playing video games instead of out and about playing touch football or baseball fail to learn how to play without supervision. Then they grow up and don’t know how to cope with people they disagree with.

These people become adults (or they influence older adults) and suddenly people don’t know how to even talk to each other.

Frankly I think it’s disguising and want to make it clear I don’t support this kind of childish behavior.


IF the Republicans had any tactical brains they would demand that high level democrat candidates denounce this sort of rhetoric from Maxine. Of course they can’t bring themselves to do it but their refusal would make excellent campaign ads. This is at a higher level than if it came from Antifa thugs or DemocratUnderground crazies. Independents AND sane moderate democrat voters (yes, they do exist) find this crap revolting and un-American.


I denounce it.


Those who are looking for trouble are never much of a problem for those who are ready for it.


I appreciate that approach. But I think President Trump sees it as weak to “demand” anything from your opponent. This morning he tweeted this:

The Red Hen Restaurant should focus more on cleaning its filthy canopies, doors and windows (badly needs a paint job) rather than refusing to serve a fine person like Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I always had a rule, if a restaurant is dirty on the outside, it is dirty on the inside!

I don’t know if there’s filth, I certainly hope and expect he wouldn’t make that up. (And I’ll bet he sent someone over there to take pictures in case he needs to document it.) But WOW! That’ll probably hurt them for at least a few days.

You kick out my staff, I reveal the truth about you that hurts. That’s the strong approach. And it’s good for national security. We can’t have the President looking weak as he deals with NoKo Kim.


Oddly enough, Nancy Pelosi did denounce it.


Damn, Brown, is the auto correct monster biting you or what? :rofl:


She’s evil, not stupid.


That’s what happens when I don’t have the patience to wait till I get in front of a computer to type a reply. My big sausage fingers and these little keys on my phone don’t mix. It doesn’t help that I’m a terrible speller.

The two things conspire to make me look like I typed my responses while totally hammered during an earthquake.

But thanks for pointing that out.


That’s how it begins…Objectifying people as “Evil” and “less than human”.

No, she has a different set of values than you, that doesn’t make her evil.


Based around her personal stock portfolio. Check it out, if the info hasn’t been 'memory holed ’


You think checking out her stock portfolio will convince me she’s evil?


No, I think your mind is completely closed to the possibility. She says the “right things” to tug your heartstrings , so she must be ‘pretty okeeday’. FTR, most Republican lawmakers are evil, too.



Some of the synonyms for “evil”:

Corrupt, depraved, reprobate, nefarious, malicious, foul, vile, malevolent, despicable, and lowdown.

Corrupt applies (and, yes, it also applies to congress criters on the right), so which of the others would you NOT attribute to Waters?

She “is not” . . . what?

How would you describe her '‘value system’"?


No, evil doesn’t make one subhuman, although once upon a time I would have agreed. No, she’s made plenty of evil choices, many of which have proven her a hypocrite. She’s also an elitist. She doesn’t have “different” values; she has a dearth of values.

Actually, on this sub topic, the subject was Nancy Pelosi, although the same argument applies.


Evil is a quentisentially, uniquely human quality. Lower life does not have the capacity for evil.


I just think that tossing around terms like “evil” is dangerous.

Hypocrite, elitist even terms like dangerous are appropriate, but using a term like evil, imo, creates justifications in peoples minds that it’s ok to cause harm. That no treatment of a person that is evil is unjustified.

Hitler was evil.

Stalin was Evil.

Pelosi may be a lot of things, but she does not belong in that category.

Trying to explain away the word evil by redefining it is weak. There are few words that you can use to define someone that create as much justification to do them harm than the word evil.


According to my dictionary, evil is defined as “morally reprehensible.” I don’t think it’s inappropriate or inaccurate. Too many people don’t want to talk about evil because of the moral judgement implied. It’s true that we should be care about it (not throw it around carelessly), but the real issue as I see it is that too many people (sometimes myself) don’t want sin to be called sin, because they don’t like the implications to themselves.


I understand what you’re saying, I really do, but I stand by what I said. People are inspired to commit evil acts against people they believe are evil.

I mean, it’s pretty difficult to find a worse word to describe someone.