Mayors of London and Paris say we should take more refugees


If you want to see just how stupid the left has become, and how little they care about the safety of the citizens of their jurisdictions,you need look no further than to note the announcements by the mayors of Paris and London. Each of these bozos have said the America should take more refugees from the warring areas of the Middle East despite the fact that there might be terrorists among them.

In a truly disgusting and outrageous quote each of these"servants of people" say that terrorist attacks are just part of “everydayliving. Get over it!” :angry26:

So we are just supposed to sit there, and let these people ruin OUR CULTURE, put up with their VIOLENT ATTACKES and kill us to save these people who hate us. :freaked:

ANY public official who makes asinine statements like that should be removed from office. If you don’t care any more about that safety of your people than that, youhave no business holding a public office on ANY LEVEL.
I’m not surprised that we have heard garbage like this from the Mayor of London since he is a Moslem, but to hear this from the Paris mayor is WAY beyond my level of tolerance.

I’m sure that there are similar attitudes within the Democrat Party, but none of them are willing to admit it openly. If you shot some truth drugs into Obama, you would probably hear it from him. :angry:


Mayors of London and Paris say we should take more refugees
Why we should take any refugees.
Why 2 mayors feel that they need to comment.


Mayor of London…Muslim!!!