McCain caught on tape: Trump hurts my chances for reelection

The fact that McCain has shown over and over he suppports democrats. He is upset that he is not given a chance to gather in illegals and others not familiar with his real record.

McCain on tape: Trump damages my reelection hopes - POLITICO


The people of AZ need to give McCain ballot-box involuntary retirement.


The elites have lead very insulated lives…they party together, have a particular lifestyle…all on our backs. They are the equivalent of the welfare class only better educated…if that means anything. With trump comes the potential end of their Exclusive privileges…for both ends of the spectrum. That’s why both groups hate trump. Both groups have a lot to lose. and we’ve got a lot to gain.



Gee what a shame! He may have a “tough re-election campaign.”


No, they don’t like Trump because he stepped out of line. They loved him when he was paying for their bacon wrapped shrimp.


so? Now their bacon wrapped shrimp lives are on the chopping block.


what do you mean stepped out of line…y’all have been saying he’s a democrat…if that is the case…he hasn’t stepped out of line.

Then again…being a former business person myself still with some holdings…i’m careful with what I say because leftists would destroy my property transactions. He is a businessman. he was hedging his bets. He also knows who is a welcher. Who is easily bought with this or that. They know he knows.

Republicans signed pledges to support the nominee. Now they say they won’t. How very. very. telling. They required HIM to sign a pledge to support the nominee and not to form a third party…yet that is exactly what they’re talking about doing in order to deny him the nomination.

Someone is a liar and a charlatan here…how about the career politicians.