McCain claims 'massive cover-up' on Benghazi | Fox News Video


At last someone has the courage to call it what it was.

McCain claims ‘massive cover-up’ on Benghazi | Fox News Video


I can’t get access to the transcript. Everything I click on just refreshes the page.


CT, the title you gave this thread, “McCain calls Benghazi “Massive Conspiracy” video…FINALLY!!” suggests a meaning very different from what I’m sure you meant. I’m going to edit the thread title to the title of the article as given in the hyperlink you posted.


Lots of Congresscritters are, and have been, vociferously refusing to let this subject drop. Graham comes to mind, and all the others who refuse to allow a vote on the next cabinette nominees until it IS settled.
(I wish I could bring to mind all the others. Ack, my memory for names stinks!)
I applaud them all.

What this tape, and NO investigation into has asked, as far as I’ve seen is, WHO GAVE THE STAND-DOWN ORDERS.


IMO, 2c, there are enough diabolically-inhabited unanswered details to this to populate a small hell.


No problem, Pete! I am glad for any corrections or revisions!


If you didn’t say a mouth full.
But if they could just get to, “Who gave the ‘stand down’ order(s),” it might lead to at least a few who belong there.


This is the most terrible thing this administration has done, right after 2000 assault rifles killed 200+ Mexicans and a Boarder Patrol agent, or maybe right after GIVING 20 F16’s and 200 Abram’s tank to a country run by the Muslin Brotherhood along with 150 Billion dollars, or maybe after adding 8 TRILLION to the national debt, or…


Good 'un.
Clinton and Obama have the same MO: If you’re going to screw up, do so repeatedly and with more audacity than anyone could believe. That way any opposition will look like nutjobs who have it in for you, and you’ll walk on water.

**Note the: “Distract, Deny, Demonize” tactics they share. The two are so alike it’s actually fascinating.