McCain defends immigration plan to angry residents


Arizona took center stage in the nationalimmigration debate Tuesday as Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano toured the state’s border with Mexico and Sen. John McCain defended his proposed immigration overhaul to an angry crowd in suburban Phoenix.
The presence of the top officials is the latest sign that Arizona will play a prominent role in the immigration debate as President Barack Obama looks to make it a signature issue of his second term.
Napolitano toured the border near Nogales with the highest-ranking official at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the incoming chairman of the Senate’s homeland security committee and an Arizona congressman. Napolitano, Arizona’s former governor, said afterward that comprehensive immigration reform will strengthen the nation’s border against criminals and other threats.

McCain defends immigration plan to angry residents - Yahoo! News

I do not believe McCain for a moment. McCain has been pushing amnesty for years and this is the latest effort to get illegals legalized. If this effort is pushed through congress, one can be assured the next step will be any of the provisions will be just eliminated and straight to full amnesty.

The GOP and the democrats share the same goals.


McCain needs to shut his mouth and retire from politics.


McCain and Graham, true RINOs.


I realize that he ***mis***represents AZ, and that Phoenix is both its capital and his (former?) home, but Phoenix and much of AZ have seen crime by illegal immigrants - violent and property crimes, not parking tickets - skyrocket. So I can easily believe that crowd was thoroughly angry.


BTW, my threshhold for RINOhood is a bit worse than what McCain is. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the late Arlen Specter define the species for me.


That’s because you live in CA and many Republicans there are like the ones in the northeast. They are more Liberal than Conservative.


Let’s not forget that Rubio is the leader of the pack on this new Grahmnesty & McLamery.
We are getting Rick rolled on this as they propose a leftist “immigration reform” scheme and then Obama comes in with a further left scheme.
Soon they’ll tell us that they fended off Obama’s scheme and the “sensible, border securing conservative plan” won the day.
Meanwhile 11 million new dems will have been created from those who came here illegally … and their extended families ain’t far behind.

Where is the Republican leader yelling STOP THE MADNESS???
That Crazy Ted Cruz nutjob (MSM description) …seems to be the only one. WE NEED TO STOP THIS. THEY NEED TO FEEL OUR ANGER like they did last time.
Write your Rep. reps & senators early and often.


Did you know Phoenix is the number two city in the world for kidnapping?


I was not aware of the statistic, but was aware that that is one of the problems Phoenix has faced - coyotes and drug-runners using kidnapping as a way to extract more $$ from recently smuggled illegals (who obviously are reluctant to report to the PD) and as an enforcement tactic.


Kudos to Senator McCain for defending comprehensive immigration reform before the know-nothings.


Yeah, the know nothings who actually suffer the consequences of his inaction.

It’s easy to sit up there in the yankee white north, where people don’t have to deal with the illegal immigrants, and their problems and call people crybabies and know nothings I suppose.

You go down to the border and deal with it yourself a while and I suspect you’d change your perspective.

Most people have no problem with streamlining the immigration process to make it easier to legally come here. But most people do not want amnesty. Amnesty is only about pandering and getting easy votes.


McCain came out of the illegal immigration closet nearly 7 years ago.McCain has ZERO credibility with respect to the proposition of border security being the first order of business. Arizonans should not be surprised. As I recall, it was just 2 years ago these same Arizonans overwhelmingly reelected this idiot, so to Hell with them. It’s past time that people come to understand that elections have consequences.


Heh, good point!


Amnesty is not reform it is surrender.


Stang, I have always been of the view that comprehensive immigration reform is better than doing nothing. The damage you describe (and yes, it affects citizens in the Yankee north as well) is the consequence of our current policies. I (and Senator McCain) are advocating comprehensive change to such policies. Why? To undo the damage, of course! But for the last several years, arbitrary obstructionism from the right has prevented any remedial legislation from being enacted. Ideological purity and six bits will buy you a cup of coffee. I’d rather have “amnesty” (your loaded word, not mine) as part of a comprehensive solution than continue to kick the can and do nothing.


“Amnesty” (your loaded word, not mine) is not surrender when it is part of a comprehensive solution that addresses both the supply and demand sides of the problem. Surrender is doing nothing and permitting the problem to get worse and worse and worse.


McCain’s plan fixes neither of those and adds hundreds of billions of dollars to the debt/deficit


I wish you wouldn’t keep making these kinds of declaratory statements without providing specifics. A comprehensive approach to immigration reform will address both the supply and demand sides of the problem. Reforms to address the supply side include border security and penalties on employers who hire illegals. Reforms to address the demand side include such things as reporting requirements for employers, and more legal immigration to allow employers to address their labor needs (including where appropriate guest worker programs). As a practical matter, no comprehensive solution can be passed unless something is done about the illegals who are already here. In addition to Obama’s preferred solution (causing the economy to be in permanent recession so that illegals simply leave), I have no objection to creating means by which those illegals who have worked hard and kept their noses clean can be permitted to stay here, lawfully.

The problem is that the know-nothings keep imposing conditions before a comprehensive solution can even be discussed. (Secure the borders first and then we’ll talk!) That’s a recipe for inaction, which just makes the problem more intractible. Screw ideological purity if it means nothing gets done.


What REALLY has prevented any remedial legislation regarding immigration policy has been less about “obstructionism” from the Right, Jazzhead, as it has been a systematic refusal - mainly, but not entirely, from the Left - to FIRST plan, provide for and verify border security. Border security is a Constitutional REQUIREMENT of our government. That our political class has made a political football out of this issue is a disgrace and reason enough to remove damn near every last one of these louts by way of the ballot - IMHO!!


No thats a call for action. Border security and employment responsibility has been needed for decades but the democrats refused to do it. Reagan agreed to a similar plan that McCain proposed and all we got was amnesty and no border control. The amnesty is also a problem as more than 50% of them would jump right into means tested welfare, pay no federal income taxes and also never be able to pay those back taxes as part of the “path to citizenship”. McCain’s plan will tank the economy and be a huge incentive for illegals to find their way into the country any way they can because they know we refuse to stop them and dont have the backbone to remove them once they get in.