McConnell Expresses Little Hope He'll Be Majority Leader Next Year


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sounds awfully downhearted if you ask him whether he’ll still have his job next year.“I may or may not be calling the shots next year,” McConnell told a civic group in Louisville, according to The Associated Press.

McConnell Expresses Little Hope He’ll Be Majority Leader Next Year - Cortney O’Brien

I am sure a lot of people will be glad to see the democrat go.


Kind of a defeatist attitude, I LOVE it.


I fear McConnell could be correct, but not in the way some might think.

If the Trump campaign continues with the vague language and constant missteps, there is a good chance McConnell and the Republicans will not be in control of the Senate come January 2017. Trump could conceivably take the Senate down the drain along with him. Republicans have more seats up for grabs than do the Democrats.


good. What good has he done at all other than for Obama and the democrats the cowardly ignoramus.


If the Trump campaign continues with the vague language and constant missteps,
The other day I posted a suggested video to watch (don’t remember the name of the guy). He said that yes the poles all showed Trump losing big BUT they didn’t show that until they raised the number of democrats in the poles by 15%. He also pointed to the fact that Hillary had 500 followers on facebook (I think that was it) & Trump had 2 million. He went on to quote numbers from other sites & all were positive for Trump by a WIDE margin. Was he right, I didn’t check because I stay far away from those sites. To me it does make sense that if your for Hillary you would do your best to get the info out that that Trump doesn’t have a chance. That just might make the people not bother to vote for him if he is going to lose anyway. Sadly a lot of conservatives won’t vote for a lot of different reason but you can bet that the hardcore liberals will be out in force (probably voting more than once if they can).
In general I’ll say that we have all seen his numbers go up & down drastically so the only numbers that are important to me are those during the election.


The republicans sorry state of affairs is not the fault of Trump. They brought this on themselves. I hope both damn parties suffer for this. Did you see the run of the mill American voter/tv viewer give the finger most appropriately to CNN? They so deserve it.


Let’s face it Trumps appeal stems from the fact that he isn’t a career politician. Now I can’t speak for anybody else but I’m to the point that I am tired of politicians. I hate democrat politicians & what they are trying to do to this country. And I can’t say that I really like Republican politicians either. My test for people is “Would I invite them into my house & not count the silver after they left”. There isn’t one politician in the country that I could say that about & damn few that I would invite into my house (if any). My general feeling about the job of politician is that it’s the lowest paying position that you can get that is a sure fire 100% road to becoming more than a millionaire. Graft & corruption pays big in this country & they are all on the gravy train & I for one am tired of it. Hell I wouldn’t even mind if they did what was best for the country while becoming rich but they don’t. They sell more favors than all the cat houses in Nevada & it’s the American people that get stuck with the bills. So my stance is that I’ll vote for Trump or heck I’d vote for a random garbage man if he is chosen to run against a democrat or for that matter a republican. Even picking a normal person randomly will probably result in a heck of a lot better person than a politician.


This is a revolt. And you better hope this works…because if it doesn’t no telling what will be next.


I’m happy for those who think Trump is running a good campaign.

Fact is neither of these two candidates are worth a damn. Clinton is a lousy candidate because she’s totally unfit for any public office and Trump is a lousy candidate because, in spite of his correct position on most issues, he is simply a lousy campaigner.

As for the polls - I’m an educated man. I understand that polls can be “shaped” a number of ways, including skewing the pool of respondents and the phrasing of the questions.

That said, Trump is getting his butt kicked in virtually every poll taken in virtually every swing state by virtually every major pollster - and by 5 to 12 points.

It’s possible this trend can be turned around, but based on Trump’s performance since the close of his convention, it is rapidly becoming unlikely.

Old Tex - nearly everything you said in your reply above is 100% accurate. Clinton and her husband are essentially the heads of a government crime syndicate known officially as the Clinton Global Initiative.

But, so what? If Trump can’t make a coherent case to the undecided voters, she’s going to be elected, illegals will become citizens and the demographics of our population will be changed to the point it will be impossible to ever elect a Republican/Conservative to the office of POTUS.

If we had both an honest media and an electorate who could actually find their ass with a search warrant things might possibly be different, but we do not.

Some wanted a candidate to run who would moon the “establishment”. Well, those wanting him, got him and he’s blowing up his chances - and yours and mine - of keeping Clinton out of the White House.

Again, to those who are happy with Donald Trump’s campaign, I’m happy for you…


hell. It’s a campaign. I don’t give a rat’s rear end for the campaign. I’m waiting for the election. I do however know when someone says the right things and seems to care about this country. SHE DOESN"T. And we see that from the email scandal. Fact is…you’ve never been given good choices. NOT since the founding of this country anyway. The founders predicted this situation…the corruption, the entitlements. That’swhy we have a second amendment which coincidentally, HIllary wants to take from you.


And you think a Tammany Hall bagman for the Democrat graft machine is better?

Because, once the dust and spin settle…it will be apparent, that’s all Trump’s so-called company, WAS.


In case you haven’t noticed, Caroline - campaigns are important for generating support. Without voter support the candidate doesn’t receive necessary votes. Without the necessary votes, candidates tend to lose.


HE HAS the support in spite of what the media tells you. Matter of fact all this info youre spouting about how bad he is, is coming from that same media. This is your choice dude. Either make the right one or make the one from which there is no return.


Mike I think you are right on. Hitlery and Dim control of both houses will be the result.

America will cease to exist as we have known it and even as we know it today. We will swing so far hard left we will make the USSR like right wing.