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For anyone who is interested, I think that you will find this to be a good source for links to what we all know to be true.

There is No Truth in today’s media!
(May I suggest that you start with Huma Abedin?)
Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign


Many people complain about political bias and incompetence in the electronic media, and many other people think there’s no basis for such complaints. For a long time I resisted the idea of producing a page like this because I thought it was too obvious. Some of you still can’t see it, so some of the evidence is presented below.

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Political bias may be impossible to avoid in today’s style of fast-paced 24-hour news coverage. News programs today are apparently designed to retain the attention of hyperactive and impatient viewers — people with dozens of other channels from which to choose, and a remote control always nearby.

(Forty years ago, when you had to get up and walk across the room to change the channel, people generally stuck with a program for its duration.) You’ll rarely see a news story these days, especially during ratings periods, in which a single camera shot lasts more than three seconds.

On a normal day, almost every story is told in less than two minutes. This results in a great loss of detail, and that’s where the TV reporter’s personal bias comes into play: he or she decides what parts of a story to include or omit.

As many people have pointed out, broadcast news is dangerous, not because of what’s reported, but because of what is not reported.

This applies equally to both television and radio.
Fortunately the internet is becoming a more reliable source of daily news, and it helps fill in the gaps.

Personally, I haven’t owned a TV since 1980, so the internet really comes in handy. If you’re looking for current national news, you can gather more information in five minutes on the internet than you can get in an hour of watching television.

As media bias becomes more widespread, it becomes self-perpetuating, just like big government.

The “legacy” news media are now controlled by Democrats, so now when a Republican runs for President, he or she must run against the Democrat Party candidate and against the news media.

Media Bias


If the above doesn’t ‘wet’ your appetite for scandal, the following should do it!
Bias of Everything.:popc1:

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