Media Mavens and Education Bosses Are Similarly Complicit


In his second hour today, Rush mentioned the weird phenomenon that virtually no one in the mainstream media investigated or explained the strange behavior of our FBI and CIA. Here was a complex attack on the presidency by a large number of our most trusted people. Furthermore, a Woodward or a Bernstein could build a career by explaining what has been going on during the last few years. Some people claim that Hillary’s Coup, or whatever you want to call it, is bigger than Watergate. I would say, much bigger. Perhaps the biggest scandal/crime in American history.

But our media is so completely complicit, no one at CNN, MSNBC, and the like showed any interest in this huge scandal. That in itself is terrifying.

But the story gets worse. The people running our public schools seem to be clones (I.e. spiritual twins) of the media people. You have Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Each group has taken an oath to see no evil, hear no evil, and report no evil. All the problems you think we have don’t exist.

The theme running throughout this story is that our ruling elites are big believers in ignorance. Keep the people dumb and they’ll believe anything. In politics, you would probably find that the typical American does not understand what the Russian dossier is all about, what are the problems with the FISA warrants, and what has really been at stake throughout. That can be summed up in one word: Obama. Protecting him and his legacy.

Meanwhile, our public schools are as dumb and befuddled as our enemies around the world could dare to hope for. Tens of millions of Americans can’t actually read, not in any real sense. The great majority of Americans cannot do basic arithmetic. And to a shocking degree, Americans know close to nothing. It’s a safe bet 95% won’t be able to find Italy or Japan on a map of the world. And this deliberate dumbing down has been accomplished in full view of the public. Every day our newspapers are printed with nothing in them about the big story. But the editors surely know about this dumbing down. They have decided for ideological reasons not to tell the public. You could look in the archives of your local paper and you would probably find no stories about phonics, Constructivism, the dumbness of Common Core, and a dozen other gimmicks that have been designed to subvert the schools and thus the country.

But it’s possible that these bad boys in media and education have gone too far, like Comey himself. They are hugely smug, and assume that if they just nibble away at the foundations, the American edifice will finally fall down. In the process, they reveal all their methods, their patronizing attitudes, their contempt for our history and our culture. If people would take a little more interest, the whole charade opens up like a flower.

The best defense is more knowledge. How could the schools create so much illiteracy and ignorance? Understand their tricks and you disarm them.

(If curious about my own explanations, just Google any ed subject and my name.)