Medical insurance costs going up - New Health Care Law ?


Blue Cross hits seniors with new drug copays

The Intelligencer *Blue Cross hits seniors with new drug copays

*Many Philadelphia area Medicare Advantage beneficiaries will be hit with a [SIZE=3]new 20 percent coinsurance on some drugs, including chemotherapy, and a new $25 copay for radiation and dialysis treatments starting next year. *[/SIZE]

*The changes implemented by the region’s largest insurer, Independence Blue Cross, will affect more than 40,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Bucks and Montgomery counties enrolled in PPO and HMO plans. *

Previously under the plans, they had no copays for Part B drugs, including drugs that are injected or infused in doctor’s offices.


*The [SIZE=3]new drug charges - along with other copays, coinsurance and deductibles - will be capped at $6,700 a year for Medicare Advantage members starting next year under the Affordable Care Act. *[/SIZE]

*The health reform law included a [SIZE=3]new provision to prohibit Medicare Advantage plans from having higher cost-sharing than traditional fee-for-service Medicare for chemotherapy, renal dialysis and skilled nursing care. *[/SIZE]

*Traditional Medicare has a 20 percent copay for most medical services in addition to a deductible for hospitalization. *

Reports The Intelligencer:
Independence Blue Cross changing 3 plans; customers worried | HealthPoint PA

More than 8,100 Bucks and Montgomery counties residents who have individual health plans are scrambling after they were notified last month that Independence Blue Cross is replacing their plans with [SIZE=3]new ones requiring far more cost sharing and benefit limits.[/SIZE]

No don’t blame the new health care law…yeah right…:rolleyes:



Lied to again by Obama, who would have thunk?


But, but, but prices were going to go down!? Must be Bush’s fault.