Did any of you notice how last night’s Barack Hussein Obama seemed so much more relaxed than in the first debate? He looked loose and ***glassy-eyed. ***It would not suprise me to learn that the Democrats, in an attempt to drive up BHO’s ratings, would have him take a relaxant before prime time debating.
Can the people call for a ***Presidential Candidate ***to undergo a ***suprise drug testing? *I mean, if Peyton Manning has to be tested periodically, don’t it seem like a good thing to test the person whose finger is on the nuke trigger???
Mr President, we want your urine. You have given us four years of your s
t, so you shouldn’t mind.
And we want it turned in now.

Senator Filibuster Foghorn
Member, The Select Commitee on Ousting Bad Presidents.


It was the earpiece connecting him to Axelrod that gave him confidence.


Then it must NOT have been Axlerod then, Axlerod is connected to 'bammy’s azz


Well, anyway, I wonder how the Republican Team has suddenly gotten so popular with women, according to some polls? Surely his campaign team hasn’t done a NUDE SHOOT for PAUL RYAN??? I mean, yes the female vote, yes the undecided voter, but let’s not stoop to DEMOCRATIC SKULLDUGGERY and Ted Kennedy style politicing!!!

The Senator


[quote=“natstew, post:2, topic:36624”]
It was the earpiece connecting him to Axelrod that gave him confidence.
[/quote]That and knowing the moderator was going to double team with him on stage. Obama needed that ear piece to sound like he knew what he was talking about even though it was lies. Funny how George Bush was criticised for supposedly having help from off stage with some device that was said to be on his back.


A friend just told me that Obama campaign debate style reminds him of Bullwinkle “Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat”.