‘Megyn Kelly Today’: Celebrities Refuse to Appear as Ratings Collapse


As predicted after the Jane Fonda debacle two weeks ago, celebrities are blacklisting Megyn Kelly’s third hour of Today

sad, too bad.


I thought that she made a mistake when she left Fox News because she was going to work for people who would dislike her, but she’s getting $20,000,000 a year. She can probably take the heat, but it can’t be fun. This is an example of why you need to look before you leap at a new job, even if you are getting more money. Some jobs are just not worth it. Life is too short to be miserable.


I was a MAJOR MK fan and I am far from alone. But what happened to the girl who was beating Bill O in the rating game on some nights as her star grew very bright. My wife and I talked about this and she to was a MK all the way.

Did her ego get out of control and she came to believe the I and the rest like me, would FOLLOW her to NBC…MG was great, but one person does not make a 24 hr news program, sure I loved her show, but I also loved a lot of other FOX NEWS shows. MK I follow FOX, not just you.

Did her ego get so large that she thought she could walk into the valley of the fake news and be met with open arms?

OR is there another angle to this we don’t know about? The landscape of FOX has changed two of the heavy hitters Bill O and Eric Boling are gone on supposed sex scandals, there are also a lot of others that are gone and they were all conservative voices.

IS there an possibility that MK was SET UP and fell for the $25M package that was laid at her feet. That the intent was to get her out of there (FOX) and off the political beat she had. Could it be that some powerful folks said 'we got to get her off FOX, lets toss enough money that even FOX won’t match and they did by $5M large, FOX put together a $20M package but would go no more. IMO, I think this may well be the back story!


IMO, the powers that be, wanted someone on the inside to be the bulldog against Trump. Megyn got the bid. After it became plain Trump was here to stay, Megyn obviously needed a new gig. Her Fox ratings were tanking because if people want anti-Trump shows, they have plenty of options on CNN and MSNBC.

If they could have successfully nuked Trump, I think Megyn would still be at Fox. But once he locked up the nomination I think it was pretty plain that she’d never really re-establish her brand at Fox.


Wonder how many months she’ll get on that channel as ratings suffer. Maybe she’ll stir up enough drama to get more people watching.