Meme-ology #5

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@gutsandcasca I haven’t been following Trump much but last I heard the GOP was moving beyond him not sure. Something about Desanitis being the one to beat etc.

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I like that one; good one. :smiley:

— what was the desperate mother going to feed her baby? There’s no more baby formula.

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Wow and on the same day too :exploding_head:

damn joe. you even had a vaccine and the power of the rainbow


so. hm.

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Just FYI the Ukraine aid was overwhelmingly passed and bipartisan while the aid for restaurants and small businesses was killed along partisan lines by Republicans. 5 Rs voted for it but it couldn’t get past the 60 vote threshold.

Sanders could make the minimum wage $1,000 an hour. Then all his supporters with no skills would be unemployed, and he will put them on the dole. That’s been his goal all along. Like most communists, he knows nothing about economics and has no desire to learn anything about the subject.

He is as deranged a Joe Biden, but he comes by it naturally. His mind has been warped all of his life. The trouble is, he has a large number of “Bernie-bros” who are ignorant as he is.


Dude; I’m not a cheerleader for any politicians. I post on a republican website because republicans are generally less insane than democrats.

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@Gene is suffering from “the college education madness syndrome.” I suffered from it from the time I was 20 until 30.

Make no mistake about it. Many college professors can sound very inspiring. Most of them are not stupid after all; they are just warped. There are far more warped professors now than there were when I was in undergraduate school in the late 1960s to 1971.

The trouble with college now is that academic freedom is dead. If you have a different view from the “progressive movement,” you are ostracized on many campuses. It was like that when I was in undergraduate school, but the pressures most be much more now.

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I get where you’re coming from you miss the 90s so do I. Things seemed rational back there yeah it was a little freaky with the techno and skinamax but not downright weird. The more I think we can’t build back better the more I’m on an accelerationist kick.

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I was in science, I didn’t take a single class that touched on politics

even in college?

there may be some hope that things may return to normal one day

I did take politics classes in high school, but never in college. Straight up every class was either biology, math, chemistry, physics, or statistics. I did AP classes in highschool to skip most of the gen eds in college.

It didn’t stop professors in other courses from taking radical positions, @Gene. My second semester freshman English composition class was run by the head of the department who was a political radical. He had a major disagreement with the college administration and spent time in class airing his views. If you knew what was good for, your essays reflected his views.

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