Meme-ology #6

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Was that on purpose? :flushed:

I don’t really care about abortion; if someone wants to kill their child then by all means let them; probably better than living with a mom that hates you

This says it all about democrats with kids

Apparently not for the unborn, according to your “logic.” I think the whole autonomy philosophy that the secular left has been pushing is a diaper load.

Who said only women are responsible? I didn’t. And keeping sex within marriage does a great job of keeping the man in a position of responsibility. None of this “can’t catch me 'cause the rabbit done died” b—s---.

So you would support making fetuses legal dependents at conception and allow women to sue men for child support at conception?

If costs are incurred, yes. Although as I said, keeping sex in marriage (and being serious about the commitment of marriage) is a better solution.

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You can’t legally enforce that, so I want to see women able to sue for whatever legal child support is in the state. In states with percentages, it’s usually 20-25 percent of the other parent’s wages.

Not in the USA. And fear not, men are paying lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of child support here. What the men don’t cough up Uncle Sam kicks in so your women are going to be okay.

But the question is, in your opinion, should they be on the hook for it from the moment of conception?

not gonna even argue that one. I’m a happy father, my father was a loser a heroin addict left me in a basement for a whole 12 hour shift. It’s a paradox I wish I hadn’t existed but I very much wanted my son to.

Hell yeah they should but only if it’s their baby

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Lots of Men Run Here Vs Europe. Men despise kids here. You know that friend we all have paying like 6 kinds of child support were gonna see more like him in 23 years.

You know what, I’ll take it

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Hey how many men pay child support in S Korea or is it just unthinkable to run away from a family there due to morals? How many tweakers stealing copper in South Korea? How many crap stained couches sitting at the end of a curb? Does it look like a falling empire from over there yet?

Now with it going back underground Lotta women gonna be waking up on the other side with information they died from a botched abortion because they were in Florida and too broke to goto Illinois.

Tell me @Gene, were your parents “on the hook” with you?

That’s a rather cold way to look at human conception, but now that I learning about “Critical Theory,” I can understand about that “on the hook” problem.

I’ve heard that they are going start giving out the abortion pills more widely for home use. In the past such procedures were monitored to treat possible negative side effects. I guess if something goes wrong, and the woman bleeds to death at home, that’s okay.

Apologies to all the right wingers who don’t get the message. All I can say is find better news sources.