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my new favorite meme

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Thank you Gene.

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You need to be a certain age to appreciate that one with Tonya Harding, whose trashy ex-husband tried to smash Nancy Karigan’s knee to get her out of the 1992 Winter Olympics.

The liberal press attacked Karigan because she was upset about losing a chance to win something she had worked for most of her life. Typical.

Karigan got attacked by the media for getting her knee smashed? I remember when this went down but I was too young to be able to remember how the media handled it.

When Karigan was on the floor in pain asking why someone would smash her knee, and latter complaining about what had happened to her, some knuckle heads in the media were attacking her for complaining about her fate.

In Olympic figure skating, virtually every competitor gets one shot. If you don’t make it that year’s Olympics, you never will. Karigan had worked for most of her life for that moment. She was injured, not by chance, but by design from a brutal attack from a supporter of one of her teammates no less.

You are darn right she had a right to be angry and upset. Yet parts of the news media went after her.

In the competition, Karigan won the silver. The drama around this incident probably hurt her chances where the judging is subjective.

Harding stopped the competition during her routine and stuck her skate in the judges’ face asking for a break. She was the drama queen once again. Later they made a movie about Harding. Go figure. It was of no interest to me.

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I’m sorry I have no idea what’s going on here. Is Captain Picard flying out of a mirror? Why? Who is the person in the red sweater? I have no context for what’s happening something with bathrooms? please don’t be mad at me Gene I just. I don’t understand

I think it’s a Harry Potter screencap. Workers in Amazon warehouses have notoriously been denied bathroom breaks to keep productivity up. Perhaps not denied explicitly on paper, but consequences follow if they don’t meet quotas that are strenuous enough they don’t allow much time for bathroom breaks.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (first movie); the climatic scene where Harry faces off with a Professor whose possessed by the disembodied soul of Voldemort, the Harry Potter series Big Bad villain.

If the music sounds familiar, that’s because films 1-3 were scored by John Williams. Jaws/Star Wars/ Jurassic Park fame.

Okay I get it I guess.

(is this a left-wing meme or a neutral meme?)

I guess the covid flu killed the other flu so that’s good right?

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Millions of democrats actually agree with this. Hope is lost IMO

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But remember covid death prevention doesn’t include prominent democrats throwing extravagant parties or flying on private jets or doing whatever it is they do. On this note, if getting rid of all police prevents one unjust police killing…


I think some of the best memes are nothing other than photos with nothing added to them. That perfect picture is honestly worth a hundred thousand words