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Syria? :

Like, he thought he was fixing something Obama wouldn’t do; fulfilling his own “red line” over chemical weapons.

But it’s a nice looking meme.




Order of operations are wrong.

Venezuela collapsed because the price of oil collapsed in 2014.

They hadn’t diversified their economy, nor did they really invest in making their state own corp “efficient” so they suffered acute Dutch disease.

With shortage of funds to appease everyone dependent on oil revenues, the Maduro Government centralized power. Violently. And repressed their opposition.

That’s when 60+ nations sanctioned them.

And Bernie didn’t see any of this coming… Bad habits and all that.

That meme is pure crap @Gene. Venezuela’s problems are self-inflected wounds. We are headed in the same direction under the far leftists you admire and support.

Here’s a message for you. If the economy and system collapse, it will be far worse for the environment. People won’t give a damn about “climate change.” They will start dumping crap in to rivers and doing all the bad stuff for the environment with which we all believe. Everything gets worse when the economy fails.

Bernie didn’t see the coming @Alaska_Slim? No it’s worse than that. Bernie agrees with Maduro. All Bernie sees is a few missteps. All Venezuela needs is some socialist order and reform, and the ship will be righted. Stalin did that for Russia in the 20s and 30s with his top down five year plans. Millions died, but what does that matter? It’s the ideology and dictatorship that matter.

Well, we’ve been trying unsuccessfully to coup them since at least 2002 and had varied success for like the last hundred years in South America more broadly so…

Point being I take economic success and failures in South America with a grain of salt as they’ve had an uphill battle of attempted subjugation into client states if they have any resources worth taking.

Apparently we weren’t trying very hard, as up to 2014 we were buying their oil and their ships brought most of their oil to our refineries for refinement.

I’d also like to bring up this isnt even the first time Venezuela’s had a crisis like this

Y’know what they say “fool me once, Shame on you, fool me twice, wow, apparently I suck at money management.”

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I wouldn’t argue there isn’t a ton of mismanagement and corruption in Venezuela leading to massive problems, but blaming it on socialist policies may not tell the whole story.

There’s aspects about both capitalist and socialist economies that may make certain parts of society more susceptible to corruption, but even more so than the economy, instability leads to corruption. You know that causes a bunch of instability? Attempted coups.

Not to mention nailing that Iranian guy in Iraq.

Yeah, I’d like to see the validity of that comparison…

Gimme a break. Venezuela’s economy was crippled by Chavez and cronies, etc., and when it went to crap, they stopped humanitarian aid shipments. That’s the long legacy of socialism.

That’s a fact.

It tells 95% of it.

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It does, because they literally nationalized their economy:

This production drop is because they simply took out of PDVSA like a cash cow, and didn’t invest in the equipment or their refineries. They operate at <15% of their capacity, there’s tons of accidents due to aging equipment, and it’s their own fault.

Meanwhile, the rest of their economy wasn’t invested in, because Chavez “expropriated” their other large industries, and chased away foreign investors

Petro States don’t have to land this way. The UAE and Norway found much better ways to both have Oil as a revenue source to pay for social benefits, yet not be dependent on the industry directly.

The problem with Venezuela, is that there was no forward planning, no attempt to diversify, no sovereign fund. Their only plan was to grow oil production and we know why that failed.

They simply didn’t anticipate the price of oil falling below $80-90 per barrel. Their entire “revolution” hinged on that. A single point of failure.

I don’t think UAE is exactly a success story :grimacing:

Maybe we can talk again when they stop using child labor, sex slaves, and migrant slave labor.