Memeology #4

Tough, because next to Saudi Arabia, they’re the Hague and an Asian Tiger in one. SA will be the next Venezuela unless they find a way to diversify, and actually produce a native population willing to work.

I’d like an example of a successful communist regime where everyone suffers equally and the leaders don’t eat prime rib every day while the people eat rice krispy treats filled with saw dust


Funny. We’ve got a lot more gun control than when I was a kid, and school shootings were almost unheard of.

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The funny thing is I recall those on the right annoyed 4 or 5 years ago with kids that didn’t listen to teachers, once Betsy Devos’s war on teachers started that changed real quick. It used to be K-12 teachers were apolitical or well liked by the right. Suddenly after 4 years of Devos she had you guys singing a different tune. You guys used to meme parents now yell at teachers for giving an F, when we used to yell at our kids for getting an F.


Not a fan.

It’s called the lure of the forbidden; it’s a part of sin nature. There’s no reason to fear temptation to not sin.

You can’t teach them about the straights because it will lure them into premarital sex.


I doubt they even mention sexuality in schools I was in school from 1993-2005 and the mere mention of sex would get people sent to detention. You can’t tell me it’s gone full on danger to kids. I’ve not seen one video that wasn’t later a fake, doctored, or outright false.

Certainly there are inappropriate ways and ages to talk to kids about heterosexual relationships. It’s indoctrination, too (which started with the sexual revolution of the '60s).

Hogwash. I saw a sex ed film in 7th grade in a small town Jr. High in '77. Don’t tell me things haven’t spiraled from there.

They showed some 1960s film about puberty film in 6th grade and all of my peers had seen hardcore pornography so it was kind of pointless. It was more awkward or me because I had to realize in the 1960s people had no idea what was happening to their bodies cause no one talked about that. It was always the teachers busting us for skin magazines in out backpacks. Never them encouraging it. Man the internet is pushing all this LGBTQIA stuff my old man said he’d likely be into some weird stuff if he grew up along side the internet. Yeah its the teachers making the youth hypersexual an excuse to defund teachers unions roll with it.