memorable editions of memorable books

when growing up, I read certain books over and over. sometime during my adulthood those books disappeared from the family home–never found out exactly what happened. since then, I’ve been trying to find some of my fave books in the specific editions I remember reading. no luck so far.

one was At the Back of the North Wind by George Macdonald. I vividly remember the Art Nouveau-ish illustrations, so beautiful. Have never found then again. just now, I even googled images for TBOTNW. many gorgeous illustrations, many of them art nouveau. but not the ones I remember.

another was Lorna Doone by Richard Blackmore. The one I read had several illustrations including a supposed painting of Lorna as its frontispiece. I have not been able to find the actual book with the illustrations I remember. I did have some luck googling Lorna Doone images–found the very picture that was the frontispiece. turns out it is from an oil painting that hangs in a museum in Sussex, England. the woman pictured is not of course Lorna Doone, who probably had lived in sussex but in the 1600s (the painting was done in the 1800s). the lady in the painting is just the artist’s friend who posed for his illustration. whoever she was, she was strikingly beautiful. Thus, I have found the image I remember but not the book that contained it.

if anyone should run across “my” editions of these two books, I would go hungry for a little while to find a way to buy them (within reason).

here is “the” lorna [ATTACH]2127[/ATTACH]

Don’t remember the sites, but I have bought long out of print books from a couple of used book dealers. Pretty expensive when compared to new books today, but if it’s one you really want it would be worth it.
Best I can remember, two that I remember, cost in the range of $30+, plus shipping; usually around $4-6 for each.
You could google by the title to find the dealers.
Good luck!!!

I’ve never read it (although I would like to), but last year, Focus on the Family Radio Theatre aired an audio dramatization of At the Back of the North Wind!

Any clue on what the cover looked like or the year of publishing? Look here maybe.

MacDonald at The Back of The North Wind 1919 1stEd | eBay

Have you tried They have over 500 copies of the George Macdonald book many different editions some from 1909, 1927 and many newer editions. Good Luck.