Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all.

If they were WISE men, then they were not Democrats.

Was Jesus a conservative?

Well, I doubt He was in favor of abortion.

Plus, His standard of behavior would not have been to have sex with an intern in the oval office.

Change gears . . .

Brown and his tribe will likely have trouble getting through the pearly gates.

Nevertheless, Merry Christmas to all (including Brown).

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I’m not writing anyone off the page of the Lamb’s Book of Life. God saved me after many years of staunchly denying him. He loves us all, and wants us all in heaven.


Merry Christmas to you and your family too, Bobjam!


Merry Christmas to all who celebrate the moment God became flesh to dwell amongst us and deliver us from a fate which we had no way of avoiding on our own merits :slight_smile:

To everyone else… I guess just enjoy whatever it is you celebrate with your day off?


Notice I wasn’t PC by saying HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

If Merry Christmas offends some, maybe you should try ditching the PC nonsense. Might make your life more enjoyable.

In his book titled “One Nation, What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future”, Doctor Ben Carson tells the story of an experience as a young doctor. In his surgical scrubs, he ran into a nurse on the ward. She said, “I’m sorry, but Mr. Patient is not ready to be taken to the operating room yet.“. She had assumed he was an orderly and when she found out he was a doctor she was afraid that she had OFFENDED him because she also assumed that he was driven by PC. She fully expected Carson to respond with PC driven anger by taking it all as a racial slur.

Carson is NOT a PC kinda’ guy.

Instead of responding with PC anger, Carson used what Dems DON’T have . . . COMMON SENSE . . . and considered why she said that, and concluded that it had nothing to do with race, but rather that the only black males wearing surgical scrubs she had seen on the ward WERE orderlies.

His response: “I’m sorry that Mr. Patient isn’t ready yet, but I’m Dr. Carson and I’m here for another reason.” She was embarrassed, but he reassured her that he knew her reasons for saying that were not intentional bigotry. She became a close friend of his rather than a hostile enemy.

I’m sure Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson wouldn’t have approved his behavior because it didn’t encourage racism. Indeed, they would have characterized the nurse’s remark as intentional racial bigotry and fanned the flames of racial conflict via PC.


Dr. Carson is such a wonderful example of what can be attained by anyone regardless of color or national origin. And yet, his own race hates him because their puppet masters claim he is a traitor to his race. Go figure. I suppose they’d like him better if he were running around the streets setting fire to businesses and shooting others. I just don’t get it.

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I don’t mind “Happy Holiday;” you can make a PC ACLU-worshipping secularist head explode by pointing out that that “holiday” is literally derived from “holy day”…


I suspect the “black community” hates Ben Carson because he is . . . REPUBLICAN. They still think that the Dems are taking care of their needs and anyone who doesn’t believe that is, as you say, a traitor.

Ben Carson, BTW, got where he is through HIS OWN EFFORTS, sans Dems.


Kewl . . . gave me a chuckle.

My sister is a first grade teacher in a very upscale PUBLIC school in VA. Even with the apparent “conservative-lite” attitude of her school, they now refer to Christmas as “Winter Holiday”. Personally, I think any public school that refuses to openly acknowledge the Truth of their “winter holiday” (that they wouldn’t have 2 weeks off from school without the Christmas event), to remain working through their “winter holiday” including the children. Not to mention that Christmas is a LEGAL holiday. Now, wouldn’t that be a perfect excuse for outrage? Idiots. Stoopids.


I aim to please…