Merry Grinch-mas!


2 Men Accused Of Tailing UPS Truck, Stealing Holiday Packages From Long Island Homes

Hundreds Of Donated Gifts Stolen From Shrewsbury Church

Baby Jesus, donkey stolen from Frostproof nativity scene

Family decorating Christmas tree robbed by three men

Church Calls Off ‘Charlie Brown’ Christmas Show Amid Controversy

Lawsuit threat cancels Christmas concert


And a joyous Christmas it is!


Meant as a joke, so sad to see people pull this crap at a time when families are trying to pretend to be happy


It’s so sad to see what the world has come to so relatively quickly. 100 years ago one story like any of those would have brought outrage and spurred a community into action. Now it’s just a daily headline that gets read with little more than a thought.


You forgot to mention: and the Republican teaparty kicks grandma and grandpa out on the street after closing much needed ss and Medicare.


Oh and let’s not forget Obama shuttering small businesses and taking more money from the half of this country that still pay taxes!


Yeah, because it’s not like all these socialist programs are going to bankrupt the country and put ALL OF US out on the street…


too bad people such as yourself shut down all the private charities and would not donate penny to granny because it means yo would have to do something besides act smug.


Shut down all the charities? where did you get that from? I managed my grandfathers affairs until he passed 10 years ago. My son and I do the bell ringing for the salvation army during the christmas season. The reason why there is a decline in “private-charities” is because traditionally most charities are run by religious organizations. America is in the post-christian era so there are less and less christians to run those traditional private charities. At least that is my take on the decline of private-charities.
Act smug? I’m for allowing granny and me, the future grandpa, to recieve and retain all the money granny and I have paid into the ss/medicare system. Thats not smug, thats fighting for those who are the most valnurable among us at the most vulnerable time of our lives.


There are plenty of Christians; but the government has usurped the “charity” and is taking so much money that people don’t have it to give to charities like they used to. Some Christians, unfortunately, are content to let the government run the show. But even with the government taking so much of the money from these people, many of them still successfully run charities, and support existing charities, et cetera. All the money belongs to God, after all.

As I’ve heard many times, and have said at times myself, you can’t outgive God.


I find it hard to believe that the only thing keeping Americans from giving a higher percentage of thier income to charity is taxes. I would venture to guess that people would not increase the percentage of their income to charities if income taxes were down to zero, as if they have been chomping at the bit to give more to private charities. I would venture to guess that if income tax went down to zero, people would simply buy more stuff and private charities would see a nominal increase in monitary contributions.

Absorbing the needs of the elderly who religh on ss to provide over 85% of thier retirement income would overwhelm most private charities throughout our country. The Emergency rooms and free-clinics would be swamped with the millions of elderly no longer on Medicare. This will be the future of America and charities in general if many in the conservative team are allowed to kill both of these programs. Now add the disabled and poor working class families living off of our swamped private charities (as they won’t be able to afford 400.OO per month for daycare working a minimum wage job, and you have a real crisis on your hands with millions of homeless roaming the streets. The conservative republicans and libatarians would have to privatly fund a police state to keep the millions of homeless out of their way.


It isn’t the only thing; but taxes are part of it. Another part is the decay of virtue in society; people used to be more generous and less selfish generally than they are now. Some people would just buy more stuff. But serious Christians (and I imagine Jews) would give more if they had more.

The problem with the elderly on SS is that they were more or less coerced into relying on it. That doesn’t make SS any less of a bad idea. If they hadn’t been channeled into depending on the government, they would have been giving serious thought to providing for their own retirement; and since it would have been their own money to start with, they would have been more meticulous about it, and no one would have been left holding the bag. Government deficit spending screwed that up.


Grinches Steal Thousands In Christmas Care Packages Meant For Deployed Troops

The article linked above suggests visiting the website of the organization from whom the packages were stolen, but doesn’t provide the link: Move America Forward.