message from RO

I was just settling down to giving a somewhat lengthy answer to another posting in the Michigan affirmative action thread, when I found myself unable to type anything in. then a little box appeared saying, “ needs your information. Script Prompt. Please enter your email address.” so I entered it in the little box, and it let me start typing. when I finished my post and was about to click on “send” I noticed my email address in the post, right at its beginning. I thought, “what the -----!” and removed my email address and sent the post without further incident.

did this instruction actually come from RO, and if so, why? and if it didn’t, I think we have some real problems.

Like the one I had with the message about an applet from RO (but it didn’t have any name).

Also - and this has happened since the DDOS attack also, so it may be related - just a couple of minutes ago I changed pages and got gibberish - the third time this has happened. I went back, and returned, and the page was OK.

This time I took a screenprint:

Looks like Sanscrit, to me!


I will look into this tomorrow.