Message to Trump Supporters from Lindsey Graham


LOL see…you can’t help yourself.

Come on now, you have to admit, it’s just bazaar.

Maybe you can find a liberal Congress person fawning over Trump and talking about what a scumbag Biden is?

bazaar? really?

Leo Terrell comes to mind. Not a congressman but he has the qualifications…BLack and liberal.

Vs Lindsey Graham, 55 year Senator, lol

YOU THINK Graham has been a senator for 55 years.

Yes, very good, have a laugh :rofl:

What I get for responding while in the car (no not driving). What I should have said is he has been in Congress for 25 years.

The fact still remains that you tried to compare a lousy civil rights lawyer:

And here on Yelp

And THIS is the “person” that comes to mind when I show a video of Graham destroying Trump and praising Biden?

Now I get to laugh BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Sounds to me like Terrell is selling out because he’s such a crappy lawyer.

sure you did. LOLOLOLOLOL