Methane Emissions Rules Increased by Environmental Protection Agency


Because the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency believes methane - the main component of natural gas - can be 25 times worse for the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, officials Thursday mandated that drillers, processors and pipeliners curb emissions of it by 45 percent.
These methane standards are even stronger than EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy proposed in August. After reviewing more than 900,000 comments, the final plans call for cutting methane emissions by 510,000 tons by 2025. The August plan called for trimming pollution by 400,000 tons by that year.
Agency officials project the rule will yield climate benefits of $690 million by 2025, a net benefit of $160 million due to the estimated cost of $530 million.

Methane Emissions Rules Increased by Environmental Protection Agency - News, Sports, Jobs - The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

The EPA at it again trying to kill industry as well as heap unwarranted costs which do nothing but drive up the cost to everyone and as usual no scientific basis for this rule. All in the name to address a scam called global warming.


There goes fracking. And the left is dancing on its grave- until the lights go out. Then they’re going to demand that the government pull more solar power out of its corrupt backside with free money from the rich to make up for shooting themselves in the foot (again)…