Mexico deploys officers to its southern border to block migrants headed for the US


It’s amazing what a President that works for the American people can accomplish.


It won’t make the Democrats happy because they view those people as 4,000 new Democrat voters. That’s what it’s all about. I remember years ago when a liberal was taking on the radio about immigration. He literally screamed into the microphone that those people were coming here because, “They want a better life, and WE have an obligation to give it to them.”

In Georgia there is a Democrat candidate for governor who is including illegal immigrates in her “blue wave of voters.” So far as the Democrats are concerned we have no borders and no immigration laws. Any illegal immigrate should have to right to vote.

If that’s so, then why are the Democrats so upset about the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election? Under their system Putin should come here with all of his buddies and vote in our elections. He’s a citizen of the world, isn’t he? Under the Democrat plan he has much right as anybody else to get involved in our political system.


Interesting point.


Illegal immigration is how the Left transformed California into an unbreakable Super-majority for the Extreme Left; that is the blueprint.


Nope, it was the universities. They serve as indoctrination platforms that converted their most effective people into believers, who then spread their “gospel” to all the people who worked under them,

And the HR Departments, and the artists, and of course virtually everyone working in Government.

This was a top-down change, not a bottom-up one. Again, the fact you didn’t see this shift in Texas or Arizona, but you did in New York and Illinois, points out what the real culprit is.

It’s no secret leftism expanded tremendously in academics through the 80s and 90s.


And as expected, you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about… Or what is just as likely, that you do know what happened but you are trying to focus the blame elsewhere so you can expand the California Leftist success to the whole nation.


I got a leftist professor who openly documents that this happened. He admits, for all to see, that the university system took a 90 degree turn in the 80s and 90s, that it’s a problem, and it’s the spear point for how those values entered into the general public.

“Immigrants” didn’t invent microaggression, or safe spaces, or trigger warnings, or PC bull****. OR Public sector union benefits, bankrupting cities. It’s the universities generating this, and it always has been.

Universities win over the minds of the elites, and the press, and the artists, the elites then erect changes in the State from the top down, which the other two support.

And the up-and-coming generation, also being indoctrinated into the nonsense, push for it every chance they get.

California is a testbed for progressive ideas, because you had too many universities, pushing Government-centric value structures, and a culture of Post-modern nonsense that says everything produced by the Western World is corrupt, and ethnocentric.


That’s BS AS and I suspect even YOU know it! The universities–especially in Kalifornia–were largely populated by far-left idiots LONG before the “80’s or 90’s.” Where do you think all those “flower children” came from in the 60’s? How about the Beserkely University riots, the formation of the Weather Underground and the SDS? It was leftist “professors” who were responsible for the formation of ALL of those things, aided and abetted by financing from the KGB itself.


Nope, I’m 100% right here, read up on it:

But tripled in their levels at that time, because the “greatest generation” was retiring, and the Baby boomers-aged professors, were far more leftist.

And once leftism goes from 3 in 4, to more like 29 out of 30, a purification happens, where the remaining conservatives are all but kicked out of academia, mostly constrained to working in think tanks.


Nonsense. The “greatest generation” wasn’t retiring in favor of these morons in the 60’s. Did you grow up in a cave somewhere? Who do you think TRAINED those “baby-boomer” professors?


Again, you went from 3 out of 4, to 29 out of 30.

That’s a big bump. Academia went from left leaning, to left purified. And there’s a leftist professor, telling all about it in that article.


I guess we should suspend all reason, evidence and a lifetime of experience living in middle of these places in favor of an article you found.

Which just coincidentally provides cover for your plan to establish a permanent super majority of the Extreme Left nationwide through open borders with Cadillac Welfare benefits.


As I have written elsewhere, the education system has created much of the mess we have today, and the Vietnam War was the incubator. The illegals have undoubtedly boosted the Democrat vote, both before and after they became citizens. Voter fraud is the stock and trade of the Democrat Party. If it isn’t, why are they so much again any form of voter ID photo verification? They need their base to vote early an often to win the close elections.


You didn’t live in the middle of a college campus for 20 years, you didn’t have a birds eye, or insiders view of what was going on in academia either, quit pretending.

Based on a theory, that you can’t show evidence for besides California.

Which also had its transition, at the same time as other States, which also had big university systems, but not the illegals.

While States that had the illegals, but not nearly the same size University system, didn’t transition. ¿Por Que RET?


Poor Hispanics are the least likely voter in the country.

Democrats know this, which is why they’re trying to introduce mandatory voting.

Ergo, it’s not that Hispanics did anything, it’s because the voting behavior of middle & upper class white people changed that gives Democrats an advantage at certain times. The people who represent the most that go to college, and who are most likely to vote.


Why is it so hard to understand that leftist organizations nation-wide having seen what happened when Kalifornia went full-on communist, didn’t want to fall too far behind them in congressional representation so followed suit? It isn’t the number of illegals in a given state that determines how far left that state’s Democrats become. Democrats believe that they can co-opt illegals to their point of view eventually, regardless of their current voting patterns. Kalifornia has discovered HOW to co-opt illegals. First you pass laws preventing State employees from even ASKING anyone’s immigration status. Then you pass a law granting illegals the right to obtain drivers’ licenses, after which you pass “motor-voter” laws allowing people to be registered voters at the same time they get their Kalifornia DL’s. The system is now RIPE for voter fraud and virtually GUARANTEED to increase the number of votes in favor of the left. An illegal sneaks into Kalifornia. He then goes on welfare, finds out that he can get a Kalifornia DL so goes to DMV to get one. At the DMV, he gets his DL and is handed the paperwork to register to vote at the same time–usually with the “new voter” box already checked for him. Now that he’s a legally “registered voter,” he knows he can go to the polls without fear of discovery of his illegal status and votes for the candidates who promise him the most “goodies” at government expense. Voila! A defeat-proof formula for any Democrat candidate…especially one with an Hispanic surname.


Because the voting behavior of middle-class white people changed.

Because the Unions formed an unholy alliance with Government officials that kept on bringing in what they wanted.

Thinking illegals, who had no cultural influence to speak of, could be a bigger force than California’s in-built institutions changing their tune, is laughable.

Middle class people are the most likely-voters. Not the poor.

Milton Friedman, again, noticed this 30 years ago, and pointed out that this is why most welfare is a wealth transfer from the poor, and the wealthy, to the middle class. They have the biggest bargaining power, because they’re the biggest presence at the polls.

With California gentrifying all its poor people; fleeing the high property prices, there’s even less reason to deny it any longer.