Micah Xavier Johnson, Dallas police attack gunman, was sent home from Afghanistan


Micah Xavier Johnson, Dallas police attack gunman, was sent home from Afghanistan - World - CBC News

The Dallas sniper had been sent home from Afghanistan after being accused of sexually harassing a female soldier, and was described as a loner who followed black militant groups on social media.

Micah Xavier Johnson, who fatally shot five officers and wounded seven more before police killed him with a remote-controlled bomb on Friday, lived with family members in the blue-collar suburb of Mesquite, where he played basketball for hours at a time.

Friends there said the 25-year-old black man didn’t seem interested in politics, but his Facebook page suggests otherwise: He “liked” black militant groups including the African American Defence League and the New Black Panther Party, which was founded in Dallas.


I am waiting to hear that this was a HATE CRIME and RACIST.


This was a hate crime and it was terrorism. Similar to the attack on the church in Charleston. It was committed by an angry, delusional coward. He didn’t represent anything but hate, shared by only a very small fringe insane section of society.

Based on his planning and the material he had in his home, my guess is that the police manning these protests sacrificed their lives in the place of others. Who knows how many officers AND citizens he might have killed if he had went forward with full force what he might had been planning to do in say three months time.

Now, about the radical groups he was a member of in Dallas, let’s hope there aren’t more guys within this group planning any violence.


One of the many problems we have in the United States is that this nation’s current leadership assume that every contact blacks have with white police officers is predicated on race/racism.

NEVER has a conclusion jumped to by BLM or our current leadership recognized the possibility of poor judgment - it is unfailingly assumed the cop acted out of racial hatred.

The current leadership’s default position of racism in these cases nearly always comes BEFORE any investigation is concluded.

Black Lives Matter was given birth from the Ferguson, MO police shooting mythology that the black man was shot by the white officer while his hands were raised - a mythology shown by the subsequent federal investigation to be entirely bogus. “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” is the mantra of BLM and it is a lie fostered by an increasingly festering RACISM promoted by race hustlers.

Are there racist actions taken by police officers - sometimes, yes, but based on investigations of allegations of police misconduct, those actions are increasingly rare.

Under the circumstances, it is little wonder the “Ferguson Effect” has impacted policing - especially in the killing fields of many large city black communities. Black on black slaughter flourishes in these communities - police “executions” of blacks does not.

BTW - to show how bad things have become - former NY Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, is being labeled a racist in some quarters for stating, “If Black Lives Matter really cared about black lives it would focus on black crime.”

One thing is certain - the United States is a tender box.


I assume you mean “tinder box”, Doc. But you’re right about this. BLM IS predicated on racism…on the part of its membership and NOT “whitey” or the police of any hue.


Thanks for the “spell check”, PD. LOL


Isn’t it typical of BO to foment black hatred toward whites/cops and then “condemn” their actions after murdering 5 white officers? I blame him FIRST AND FOREMOST for these deaths. He, Moochie, and the rest of the race baiters are directly responsible for those 5 dead cops. And, there will be more.


I understand the point you are making Classical, but you are giving way too much credit to a politicians message. If you take this position than you will have to attribute the actions of whites against Hispanics as Trumps doing based on his rhetoric, or violence at his rallies. Words matter and the narrative matters, but this shooter was a nutjob, plain and simple. If nothing had happened over the last two weeks this guy still would have found a reason to fire on innocent citizens. He was too well armed and had planned this very well. It was going to be expressed in one form or another eventually, regardless of what anyone said.

The problem is that politicians take a narrative and they invest heavily in it. Obama also has had personal experiences that he cannot separate himself from as he is human. I would have liked to hear him refer to this as domestic terrorism or at the least a hate crime. The fact that the shooter was crazy is evident, it’s evident in any murder of citizens so it doesn’t need to be stated. I would have liked to see him take a stronger position, especially considering this guy was a member of what appears to be a vigilante group in Dallas. It’s not overgeneralizing to suggest this was a hate crime, the facts clearly support this label. Doesn’t mean blood is on his hands, he isn’t out there encouraging violence against anyone, he is simply stating his position of disappointment when the videos of police brutality surface.

To attribute these murders to him is totally unfair. He doesn’t control the media and decide what to promote. He is not out there arming citizens and coordinating protests. I’ve lived in a very multicultural part of the city and I have seen all kinds of prejudice of many kinds in my lifetime from many different people. Humans will always find a way to disagree with one another, it’s the extremists that have no place is society.


Please tell us that you’re not as naïve as that post indicates!


The suggestions some of you make are almost impeachable offenses. I refuse to believe this. He is your president for Gods sake. He has to balance concerns from many corners and not over exaggerate facts.

The police are pushing for an investigation into this as a hate crime. This would be a reasonable request considering how many of their colleagues they lost.


…but you seem to think that the left-wing press is NOT in the tank for a left-wing President? In that regard, Obama DOES control the “news” media because they only RARELY publish or air anything that would show him to be the fascist he really is.


I won’t disagree that certain media outlets have a clear political bias. This is out of the control of politicians, though of course one isn’t going to complain about positive coverage or support they receive. For us who are more critical thinkers, these biases don’t impact us. In fairness also, I have seen a far better balance by CNN in particular of late as I watch them a great deal while reading Fox News. CNN is doing a much better job of showing differing opinions, especially compared to years past. I cant speak for MSNBC, ABC or others as we don’t receive national coverage of them here.

The point I am making is that as president of everyone, he has to try and be balanced. At the same time, yes, he has political constituents to be wary of, in particular now as he is endorsing and essentially campaigning with Hillary Clinton. This is no different than Reagan showing clear support for George Bush senior when he was running for office.

All I am saying is we can’t extrapolate too much. I believe it is a hate crime and potentially domestic terrorism based on what I have heard and read so far.

  1. Black Lives Matter is a Racist Terrorist organization.
  2. This murderer was a Racist Terrorist
  3. The President is a Racist that supports Racism being expressed through all means possible including Terrorism against White People.

When the decent people that are still left in America (and who are still the majority) have finally suffered enough to embrace those three simple truths without nuance or qualification, this problem will be quite easy to resolve; until then there will be more innocent blood in the streets.


I believe he is guilty of impeachable offenses. I believe he is guilty of deliberately acting against the best interests of the United States of America. That he is our President is not my fault. I question whether he does anything for the sake of God. The only concerns he addresses are those of his (and his puppeteers’) agenda. He overstates, understates, mistates, and flat-out lies about the facts as a matter of routine.

Barrack Obama is a racial bigot of the first rank, and he doesn’t much disguise it.


He is not MY president. He is the current occupier of the WH. That’s it. He has done absolutely NOTHING to better our country and EVERYTHING to undermine freedom and the Constitution which he swore to uphold. I do blame him. Why? Because he is in the position of “the buck stops here”. As a teacher and a principal, if anything went wrong in my school/classroom, the “buck” stopped at my desk. I was responsible for things that happened in my classroom or the school regardless of whether or not I contributed to a problem. That is what’s called “responsibility”. He was ultimately responsible for the 4 dead Americans in Benghazi because he appointed the Beest as Secretary of State. His choices put the wheels in motion. The Beest should have been publicly dismissed from her position and BO should have done the honorable thing by placing blame where it belonged in his and the Beest’s lap. He is responsible for the 5 dead cops in Dallas because he set in motion, along with Sharpton and the rest of the race-baiters, a climate of hatred and anger against cops–particularly WHITE cops. He glorified Trayvon Whateverhisnamewas, and condemned the police as he did with so many other situations. He encouraged the ignorant masses that racism is the basis for every single action against blacks by whites. Even moochie herself had aided in this hatred for whites when she said publicly after BO was elected prez in 2008 that “For the first time in my life, I am proud to be an American.” Nice. Words have consequences.


He cannot be President of the innocent Law Abiding Citizens and also President of Racist Terrorist organizations who want to murder the innocent, those two groups cannot be led by the same leader so everyone must decide which group they belong to and reject the other.

Obama has made his decision and chosen his side long ago.


He doesn’t try to be balanced at all.


Obama came to office as a community organizer. He is leaving office as a community organizer. He has not grown by one centimeter since he took office. That is a definition of a failed presidency. But for him, that’s all he ever wanted to be. He does not want this country to have any borders which means he does not it to be a country.


He’s leaving the WH a very wealthy man. That’s what he wanted. And, he wanted to shove his black backside in the faces of whites. He and Moochie will enjoy their millions for years to come.