Michael Cohen and former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci AGAINST TRUMP

Interview with former friends and aides of Trump, and his administration, voicing their opposition to his re-election. How bad does it have to be for Trump to have long time former allies turn against him?

They called Trump’s inner circle more like a cult!

Certainly clear that Trump is not the leader for them.

Cohen is a felon and Scaramucci is a self-serving little weasel. What more could you expect of them?


Frankly I don’t gave a damn about any of these people who are not voting from Trump. The two here are a disbarred lawyer who went to jail, and the other as @pappadave said is “little weasel.” Their opinions are of no consequence to me. The fact that they are talking to MSNBC further discredits them.

If you have even worked or reported to the head of a company, which I have done in two positions, loyalty is everything. If they are doing something shady, then you have to make up your mind to leave if it goes beyond your ethical standards and resign. If you piss on the boss for no good reason, then you can expect to get the ax or the shaft. That’s how the world works. The opinions of these two soreheads deserve no respect and their public statements mean nothing.


C suite leaders in private enterprise vs an elected official is very different - people don’t get to just leave shady behavior behind.

We should not express loyalty to any person.
Ideals, morals, character, actions, inactions judged independently and seen in context as a whole.

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Exactly, I would be far more concerned if these scumbags were endorsing Trump! :rofl:


Fair enough, but neither of these guys offered anything like that in spite of being offered a kings ransom for doing so.

There have been many many credible people in Trumps inner circle who have left, Jeff Sessions and Sarah Sanders to name just 2; those with credibility aren’t pulling this tabloid crap so why would anyone assume these 2 convicted jerks have a truthful and valuable perspective?


This is getting harsh. Why does Trump like Xi or Putin - Cohen is quick to answer: