Michael Reagan calls brother Ron an 'embarrassment'


Michael Reagan calls brother Ron an ‘embarrassment’
Rick Moran
American Thinker

Last week, Ron Reagan was shilling for his book by revealing some juicy tidbits about his father; namely, that he was suffering from symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease early in his second term.

This, despite the fact that White House doctors - 4 of them - have said that Reagan showed no such symptoms. One might expect that if President Reagan had demonstrated such weakness, one of those four doctors would have written a book on it already. Besides, the idea that those dedicated medical professionals would have allowed someone to remain in office who was mentally impaired just doesn’t pass the smell test.

I assume the DU-folk, HuffPosters and Koslings were yucking it up at Ron’s counter-factual betrayal and exploitation of his father. OTOH, kudos to Michael for standing up to Ron!


Even if there where a shred of truth to it, he was still 100 times better a President than the current occupier of the WH. And he was 1000 times the Statesman.


I don’t believe it. This is more of Ronnie Jr. tearing his dad down. Quite a complex he has with his father…always trying to harm him…now he tears down his presidency too. YOu’d think a son would protect his father’s legacy. Well. Even if he doesn’t, there are a LOT of people who think very highly of Ronaldus Magnus. I’d love to see the stats for the number of people in DC for the Reagan viewing compared to other recent dead presidents. And Jimmy Carter…well. I hardly think there’ll be too many mourning that one.


I read Jr has been on Air America and other lefty sites and has a history of being a liberal.


no doubt to annoy his Dad. Although, Ronald Reagan was a democrat originally.


He’s just trying to make a buck. Damn Capitalist!


Absolutely he does, I think I recall him being a Kerry supporter in 2004 too.

Look, there is of course another way to take this. It just means that Ronald Reagan was the greatest president of our lifetime and he did it with half his brain tied behind his back, as Rush Limbaugh might say.


What kills me is that the adopted son is a better son than the birth son…

Michael was adopted.


As I have said recently, and many times before, and will probably say many times again, the adopted son was more his father’s son than the biological son.


Ron must have some deep seated psychological problem. He should see Dr Phil.



I just stole that smiley!