Michelle Bachmann Nails It, As Usual


If you have not had a chance to hear the concise and relevant response to last nights State Of The Union address from Michelle Bachmann here is a link.

Video: Bachmann’s unofficial SOTU response « Hot Air

I love this lady, she should have given the official GOP response.
Ryan did OK but Michelle packs so much into so few words that her point is unmistakable.

I love the simple charts, pretty much slays all the spin dragons.


She’s Presidential material in my book.


Checked it out. Mindless demagoguery, flattery of her audience, and emotional appeals. In other words: politics-as-usual.


I agree, she is a better choice than Palin in my opinion.

I have never seen her pull a punch in fear of what any Liberal will say.


She was not looking at the CNN camera, instead she was looking at the Tea Party Express camera (Which was down to technical difficulties).


Obama’s or Bachmann’s?


Both IMO.




Her husband better lock his back door, or I’m going to steal her away…

She’s a smart person. I don’t find her to be quite the natural leader that Palin is, but she’s very smart and I like her opinions on most issues.


Myself, J. Anderson and Seravee all agree!? Is this a sign of the Apocalypse???


Must be!


:rofl: We have agree on some things before in the past TP. And I have agree with J.Anderson on some subjects as well. Could we be the first three of the Four Horsemen?:ninja:


Her speech was the best.


Republicans are killing Democrats on the competition for best “zingers”:[INDENT]When Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann was named to the House Intelligence Committee earlier this year, one of her Republican colleagues responded this way: “Is that a punchline?” Another simply said, “Jumbo shrimp. Oxymoron.”[LEFT]
Read more: Republicans are terrified of the tea party - Jonathan Allen - POLITICO.com


The only way that I agree with this is that she’s not as much of a media target. If she becomes a front runner, she will be Palinized by the left.


[quote=“JStang, post:15, topic:28974”]
The only way that I agree with this is that she’s not as much of a media target. If she becomes a front runner, she will be Palinized by the left.
[/quote]Yes, she will have someone wearing $500 shoes complain about the price of what she wears and other stupid remarks meant to degrade.


CNN’s decision to air the video seems calculated; they know Bachmann is a huge media sensation and that it would play into the narrative among left-leaning media about a “divided” GOP. Even many “centrists” such as myself can’t help but be fascinated by the spectacle that she has become.

Still, I think there is reason for concern in the “cult of the hero” attitude developing on the Right. It’s dangerous to treat politicians such as Palin and Bachmann like movie stars, worshiping their every word and action. I think it’s more healthy to treat politicians (all of them) with extreme skepticism and mistrust. The icon-status these ambitious individuals are gaining is somewhat troubling if it represents a change in the way Americans view politics and politicians.


Chris Matthews is outrageous in his insults to her.


He’s sufferring from vagina envy.


[quote=“JStang, post:19, topic:28974”]
He’s sufferring from vagina envy.
[/quote]Not touching that:awkward: