Michelle goes old fashion


[LEFT]Michelle Obama is once again setting the style world abuzz – wearing a thrift-store dress to the “Christmas in Washington” concert, which was taped Sunday and airs onTNTtonight.
The “couture” black-lace overlay frock, featuring a high, square neckline and a full skirt was plucked from New York Vintage in Chelsea.
The secondhand 1950s piece – believed to be the first vintage dress worn by a first lady to a public event – was made by American designer Norman Norelli, who died in 1972 and was among the most influential designers of his time.
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[LEFT]The store’s owners would not say how much the first lady paid for the dress, but prices for vintage clothing have risen dramatically as quality pieces have become wildly popular among celebrities and on the red carpet. One estimate for this hand-me-down was $2,500.
Obama’s fashion choices frequently make headlines. In the past, her outfits have immediately become hot sellers at department stores and specialty retailers – even leading to long lines and waiting lists for specific pieces. [/LEFT]

[LEFT]Read more: Michelle Obama wears New York City-bought vintage gown at “Christmas in Washington” concert - NYPOST.com[/LEFT]

Yes Michelle is showing how the little people dress.


I think she looks beautiful in it. Now if only she would do something about those horrible earrings. :sick:


I agree with you - the dress does flatter her, and the earrings are horrible!


I was going to post a crack about the dress not making her look like a plaid and paisley clad jack-o-lantern, but I’ll be nice and not post it.

Seriously, it looks nice and elegant, and the price probably not excessive as such things go. My take on the earrings is that they’re intended to match the tree ornaments. For something supposed to be seasonal, I don’t think they’re over-the-top.


Im not a fan of big earrings.


Unsure of how appropriate black is for that particular occassion, that dress is absolutely GORGEOUS.


I was wondering about that, too, 2cent. The dress seems almost funereal, but I’m not an expert on social protocol and probably would recognize it if it ran into me on the street.


If the concert was after 6:00 p.m., black is perfectlly okay. However, no matter the hour, another color would’ve been more appropriate, imo, for a “Christmas in Washington” concert.
I’m terribly old-fashioned when it comes to protocol, and wish the old rules still applied. Life, no matter your age, is so much simpler when there’re easy rules to follow. Such as, back then…

  1. One did not wear white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day.
  2. Pearls are only worn after 6:00 p.m.
  3. Unless you are the bride or the groom, one does not wear black or white to a wedding.
  4. And that silly little old rule that people just somehow knew
    They call it UNDERwear for a reason! :biggrin: