Michigan Man Who Tried to Pull Over Police Officer Faces Jail Time


A Michigan man is facing jail time after he tried to make a citizen’s arrest … of a police officer. His own video captures 60-year-old Steve McClain yelling at a cop to pull over for not wearing a seat belt and speeding.

McClain was charged with reckless driving and he is set to go to trial in two months after a plea deal could not be reached. He could face up to three months in jail.

Former prosecutor Brian Claypool said that according to Michigan statute, the only time a person can make a citizen’s arrest is if a felony is committed in their house, they’re witness to a felony in public, or a police officer directs them to do so.

However, McClain says he wasn’t trying to arrest the officer. He recounted, “When the light turned green, he took off at such a high rate of speed and I could see it was a K-9 unit, so I was concerned for the possibility of a dog being inside. I said ‘Sir, you need to wear your seat belt’ and he started laughing. It set me off.”

If the officer wasn’t compliant with the law, McClain claims he planned on calling the police department to give the cop a citation or arrest him.


Storytime. Raced a cop the other day. We were driving down the highway and he was stuck behind someone who was going slower than me. Apparently he didn’t like that. When he was able to pass he got up next to me and looked over at me. It was one of those looks that you know what he wants. There was no one in front of us for at least 2 miles(rare on the highway) so we speed up. We hit about 85 before I had to turn off. I tipped my hat to him and he did likewise. Highlight of my day. Mom and everyone else didn’t think so though. lol