Migrant Caravan


The thousands of migrants who forcibly broke down the fences along Mexico’s southern border on their way to the US are NOT fulfilling the intent of our founders regarding immigration or the spirit of our immigration process or laws. It should be noted, the United States allows nearly one million people a year to legally immigrate here. Among the world’s countries we are uniquely welcoming when it comes to LEGAL immigration.

Unfortunately, what we are witnessing as this mass of humanity gains steam and gains members as it matriculates across Mexico fully prepared to crash our borders, is not immigration as originally conceived.

No, what is headed our way is nothing short of a mass INVASION of the United States.

If this invasion is successful - it has now swollen to 7,000 members and growing by the hour - each successive caravan - yes, there will be other caravans - will be measured in the tens of thousands.

As I see it, the only person seriously attempting to address this crisis is Donald Trump.


7,000 more parasites who will become Democrat voters …


Now grown to 14,000 according to the news reports! Shoot them, if necessary. Sorry, but that may be the ONLY way to keep our country.


I agree. I wish we could use any force force necessary to stop them, but the optics would be terrible. If anything this might wake up some independent voters as to just how serious the situation is with the Democrats’ immigration politics.


? Yeah they are; we had no border enforcement or immigration policy in the 18th century.

We had naturalization policy; that was pretty much it. We didn’t care who was coming or going, we let people do that as they please.

No visas, no barriers. Freedom. We only kept out people we were at war with.

Our laws & process suck though, just like the VA. People don’t use it because they don’t trust it.

The Government has had 50 years to make the system usable; how long do people have to wait, before they’re allowed to take thing into their own hands?

I wouldn’t wait 1 year.


And if he does like he’s talking, then Mexico is going to reap the consequences of failing to address it in any meaningful way.

Don’t count their voters before they hatch…


There may be a silver lining here.

This event has the country FOCUSED on immigration, as it should be. The GOP wins on the issue of immigration (including Trump’s wall).

Schumer and Pelosi are in a panic and trying to divert the focus back to the ACA, where Dems win.

So the silver lining is that this thing brings a GOP winner to the forefront. This is definitely going to work in favor of the GOP for the midterms.


That’s the crazy and amazing thing. This “caravan” mob gives every impression of being an event manufactured by Democrats. But I don’t understand why they think they could win votes by giving the president a free shot at being tough on the signature issue that got him elected.

Are we missing something? Are they planning to have people dressed up like ICE go massacre them and claim the president ordered it?


Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.


I think what happened with the caravan and its purpose can be easily explained, as follows:

First, we must understand, the rabid Left does NOT have a good handle on reality - there is much they believe that simply is untrue.

Hence, the organizers of this invasion effort must have calculated a political advantage regarding the visuals created by the event itself and its timing. No doubt, part of this calculation involved the predictable way in which media would portray the caravan and the Trump administration. Organizers? Yes. This mass of humanity did not simply form spontaneously.

What is truly sad, are the thousands of poor human beings within the caravan who I believe are being used as pawns by a completely unscrupulous Left in Guatemala, El Salvador, Venezuela, etc., - A Left totally committed to undermining the United States and change the political calculous forever within the Western Hemisphere.

Of course, the radical Left (is there any other kind at this point) in the United States and its media handmaidens are all too happy to paint Trump/United States bad, the caravan/invasion good.

Unfortunately for the Left, their highly distorted version of reality has led them to have this effort blow up in their faces.

What this entire affair should demonstrate to every American with even a modicum of good sense is that the only thing between them and the wolves at the gate - the Left - is Trump and his administration.

Americans had better wake up to the fact we are under a full frontal attack from the Left - their threats, their tactics of personal intimidation/public confrontation and their efforts to change American values forever through mass invasion and rewriting history is in full view.

The question to be answered in just under 2 weeks is: Do enough Americans see/understand the threat?


We didn’t have a welfare state in the 18th century. If you think that is going away anytime soon I would suggest that you lay off the hard drugs.

14,000 people, preparing to bum rush the border, financed by our enemies, using women and children as human shields, is an invasion. This is a war.

I have sympathy for the deluded majority of the participants but you can’t have open borders and a welfare state. Half of the population of the entire planet will eventually show up. Insanity.


This ‘caravan’ is an attack on American sovereignty, pure and simple. If America has no right to regulate the comings and goings of foreign nationals, we have no right to exist as a nation.

Every member of this ‘caravan’ has the right to apply for entry; not one single member has the right to demand a single speck of American dirt as their due.


This is precisely what the far left believes.


It doesn’t matter; immigrants add more to the Federal welfare system than they take.

States and Counties decide to be generous with their programs more than immigrants pay back in taxes; so why ask the Federal government to interfere?

Why isn’t that just the decision of the people living in those States & Counties?

How is this different than the Mariel boatlift or Cubans who turn up here today on rafts?

Are you going to tell me that all of them are doing the same thing?


If, for the sake of argument, I accept this. What happens when half the population of the planet shows up???

Oh, I know, by the time that 10% of the population of the planet arrives we will have become be a 1st class 3rd world hellhole and nobody else will want in. Brilliant.


They’re not; labor demand drives immigration, not welfare. You can’t not look at our immigration rates and the economy, and not see the pattern.

Our immigration would return to the pattern of the 19th century, where 1/4 of people living here would be foreign born. Just like in Australia, ~Canada, and New Zealand today.

Quit comparing or making predictions in a vacuum. You have American history, and those aforementioned nations, to see how this works out.

If the Italians and Irish didn’t make us worse, you’re on thin ground trying to suggest Latinos and Asians will.
It’s not like Italians can’t **** up, you just look at Argentina to see that.


BS again, AS! There IS no “labor demand” driving this caravan, unless you think them “demanding” to come here is a “labor demand.”


Nope – most immigrants aren’t refugees, you’re confusing categories.


Here’s my take on this . . . pure speculation of course.

Someone (like Soros, perhaps) started this, then realized it was a mistake, and then backed out.

But by that time it was too late. The “caravan” had morphed and gotten a life of its own. It continued to grow, under its own steam.

Whoever got this started is likely moaning “I didn’t mean for this to happen. This has really gotten out of hand. I screwed up.”


Um, the Mariel boatlift was sanctioned by the Carter administration? Coordinated through official channels? Permitted by the duly elected government?