Migrant Caravan


Nope; Carter’s policy was inconsistent and indecisive.

Plenty came here without official say so, and had to be “forgiven” retroactively.

Haitian refugees in the 90s? Same story.

So the pretense we’ve never gotten large movements of refugees and don’t know how this turns out; :lying_face:

Same to conflating this with illegal immigration in general.


So facts just don’t even matter. Got it. Discussion over.


You don’t reflect on the past, you pretend this is all new. I get to call BS on that, because it is.

The 90’s nor the early 00’s are ancient history.


You rely on a “study” from the University of Chicago??? The SAME university that hired Obama as an “expert” in Constitutional Law??? Just how naive do you have to be these days to adhere to your position?

  1. That’s a book Dave.

  2. University of Chicago is where Milton Friedmon was based, and is still the haven of his followers.

They don’t call supply-side economics “The Chicago School” for nothing.


Exactly, they are burning our flag and marching under their own; they are coming for Welfare, to vote for Democrats and to commit terrorism.


Citation needed

Nope; people vote their temperament, they’re not Automatons.

Poor, socialist origin, little education — Cubans are exactly the same, yet just happen to embrace the opposite viewpoint?

People from other countries, can’t come to the conclusion that policies in their home country, was to blame for their predicament?

Seems dubious, and convenient. Like your turning people into strawmen, and are forgetting that they have minds of their own.


“Economic terrorists” has an interesting ring to it, and Trump is just the right person to level it against opponents.


You’re conflating fiscal and economic again.


Nah, I just use English like a normal person and not a constant expression of autism.


Really? I thought you used it as a way to express a temperament you don’t know how to reel in. Just something you let consume you, then try to consume the world with.


No, that’s what beating my wife and children are for. And burning crosses on people’s lawns. Just a typical day in my life of rage.


OMG, ROTFL! Exactly the response he deserves.


That’s disagreeable; didn’t you watch Peterson?

Who are people high in disgust sensitivity?


Nope, it’s not OCEAN compatible, sorry. :rofl:


Also wanted to point this out Dave, University of Chicago made a very public stand against “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces”.

Say what you will, they at least still have some Professorial backbone left in them. Whereas the administrative staffing in every other well-known university forces their schools to capitulates to the “delicate” mobs of entitled students… who, by virtue of their elite locale, will one day be running the world…


SNORT Not for long, they won’t. More likely the world will run them over


WHEN did they do this, AS? In 1960 maybe,just before their get-out-the-vote rally for JFK?


Two years ago:

They’re pretty damn proud of this, and I don’t blame them.


Bret Weinsetein; the Professor at the center of the Evergreen State fiasco.

Here he is, not only explaining the deplorable descent of the situation on campus, but also lionizing the University of Chicago as one of the few places where students will actually be educated. Because that University took stand on exposing ideas, not “protecting” people from them:

Equally of interest: Weinstein states that the intended goal of people leading these “protest” groups is not the cessation of “oppression”, but to establish a racial hierarchy where the “protected classes” flip the table, and become the oppressors.

Precisely the same goal as the Black Panthers.