Migrant Caravan


And yet they hired Obama to “teach” Constitutional Law…about which he’s as ignorant as my 2-year-old great grandson…which is apparent every time he opens his mouth about that document.


Can’t see what’s there to hold against them.

Obama wasn’t a politician at the time, he wasn’t a known quantity, and people who knew him then, vouch that he was secretive about his beliefs.

At worst, he was just another liberal professor, dime-a-dozen.


If he was just another dime-a-dozen liberal, WHY hire him to teach a subject about which he knows very little?


On paper he would have known enough. He was a research assistant to the constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe, and he has a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree, for which training in Constitutional law is mandatory. Not to mention that he was a practicing lawyer, who had dealt with cases that had concerned constitutional law.

Ergo, when it comes to the Constitution or its law, he’s a heretic, he’s not illiterate.


Disagree. If he HAD studied the Constitution, then he would believe in it. He obviously doesn’t.

BTW, Lawrence Tribe is HARDLY a “constitutional scholar.”


I’m pretty sure that if you’re educated in critical race theory, you’ll feel free to interpret the Constitution liberally, no matter what your training on it.

Our liberal Supreme Court Justices are just as familiar with Constitutional theory and history as the Conservative ones. It doesn’t stop them. They just think that they have something “more important” to contribute that the Founders “weren’t thinking of”.


…which IS the very definition of hubris. These “liberal” justices think THEY are smarter or more urbane than the Founders. I would suggest that they are the diametric opposite of what they “think” they are.


K. But holding of this against University of Chicago doesn’t really follow. They didn’t train any of those people, or Obama.

They’ve also been willing to bring in Steve Bannon to speak. No one is doing more to fight for free speech, or to ensure that they are a “safe place” where conflicting viewpoints get to mash into one another.

There’s value in that.


BTW, the migrant members holding up flags is a dig at what’s going on in Honduras.

There’s a legitmation crisis; the current president was elected in what appears to be a rigged vote.

People are leaving in protest of him. The caravan was in fact 1st organized by the Honduran opposition, and then people from other countries gradually joined. Nicaraguans are doing the same about their thug-in-chief, Daniel Ortega, whose a left-wing revolutionary, and an old crony of Fidel Castro.


Thats not grounds for asylum.


True and waving Honduran, Guatemalan, El Salvadoran and Mexican flags while they march towards OUR border is NOT a plea for asylum either.


It is if you’re in the opposition, and you can bring evidence that you’re being suppressed. That is ground for Asylum.


Oh, BS, Alaska Slim! Why do you diligently seek for ANY excuse (or make one up) for these people to invade our country?


Uh huh. And how many of them applied for asylum? Do we have embassies and/or consulates in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala, and isn’t accepting applications for asylum one of their functions? ( I mean, I think that’s how it’s supposed to work, but I don’t really know)


I can’t believe than anybody is falling for this fake orchestrated caravan production. All of a sudden, out of the blue, thousands of people form a group and make their way to the USA just in time for elections. Anybody who thinks this is organic and sincere is either an idiot or naive beyond all belief. This show was orchestrated by powerful people with an agenda.


It was organized by the opposition. I didn’t make this up, they outright claimed responsibility:

Determined to denounce Mr. Hernández’s administration and support the migrants, members of the opposition started promoting the caravan as an example of what happens when a government fails its people. In Tegucigalpa, the capital, a prominent member of the opposition went to the Mexican Embassy and threatened to send out multiple caravans as long as the situation in Honduras remained the same, according to two senior Mexican officials.

This time it will be so big that when they see everyone walking, they should ask, ‘Where are they coming from and who is responsible for so many people leaving Honduras?’” said Mr. Redondo in a Facebook post on Oct. 5 in which he shared the caravan poster.This is a consequence of corruption, lack of security, impunity; those responsible are the corrupt and corrupters of the national party.”


Horse crap


We’ve been getting caravans for months; did you forget the one last April everyone was making hub bub about?

Strangely enough, other countries also have domestic politics, with their own intrigue.


SO WHAT??? Where is it written that we are obligated to take in everyone who’s pissed at their own government? This is costing SOMEONE millions of dollars. You can bet your bottom dollar that the cost is NOT being borne by the “travelers.” How much do you think it costs to feed and provide drinking water and toilets for 7 or 8 or 15 THOUSAND people for over a month??? Even if it’s only $20/day per person, that adds up to $9 million!!!


Not supposed to notice that, Dave…