Migrant Caravan


Alaskaslim should change his name to “OpenBordersSlim.”


So this wasn’t a conspiracy to influence our elections. It was a coincidence. A protest, not at us, but at those Latin American governments. Most especially the Honduran government, as around 70-80% of the people were Honduran.

Now, other parties could have jumped in after-the-fact, to take hold of the caravan for that purpose.

The last caravan was 7,000 people. It dwindled down to just 401 who applied for asylum here. 93% of them were approved; they had legitimate grounds for asylum.

The general approval rate is just 76%.

The current group is camped out in Mexico city. 3,000 have already applied for asylum right there in Mexico. 500 have requested assistance to return home.

There’s 700 miles left in their journey. What are the chances that we’re going to see the same result?


I should change it to “Goldwater”, because he wanted the same policy I do.


It’s a bureaucratic distinction I admit, but you don’t apply for asylum at embassies. You apply for refugee status.

You can only apply for asylum, at the border, at a port of entry, or within the United States.


The situation was a lot different when Barry Goldwater was in a position to affect national immigration policy. The huge welfare state was not in place to attract immigrants. Those who came here realized that they needed to be productive to succeed. For that reason immigration was a plus for the economy, and the classical economic theory that it was a net plus for the country held true.

Immigration could still be a huge plus for this country if were to be done correctly. It needs to be an orderly process. The people who come here need to be vetted. This country is under no obligation to take in criminals, terrorists and other undesirable people. We are not obliged to become the world’s nursemaid. We owe it to our own citizens, who are footing the bill, to enforce immigration politics that benefit this country. We have no obligation to the globalist movement to pay for their “nations without borders” theories.


The 1980s? When he outright predicted that amnesty wouldn’t work? Because it didn’t address the core issue?

Cool. Too bad the current system is more interested in enacting the political comprise to the Unions of the 1960s, then letting immigration reach a natural clearing point.

Also looking like a circuit diagram, to include the lack of clarity for anyone whose not a bureaucrat.


I know I will never convince you, so I won’t try. You are “OpenBordersSlim.” Accept the title because that’s what you are. You have a lot of political allies on the left who agree with you, although their position is based more on a politically inspired power grab than economic theory.


You don’t even know what you’re arguing about here.

I’m against micromanaging people lives to the point of incredulity.

I’m against a system that drags its damn feet for 6 months and turns people who are perfectly willing to follow the law, into illegals.

Why are 40% of illegals, former legals Send? I know why, 'cause I talk to them.

It’s bureaucratic BS. You create a low-trust system, that treats people like crap, guess what happens? No one wants to use it.

Whatever our system is, it should be transparent, predictable, and move quickly.

Not leave people in hour-glass hell for decades waiting for an answer about if a form they sent in got through.


Right now you are lined up with liberals who don’t want to reform anything. I am not anti-immigrant; I am anti-open borders.

If the system needs to be reformed, yell at the never Trump liberals and RINO Republicans who refuse to do anything, not at me.


That’s not what Goldwater wanted. Try again.

Joseph Swing fixed illegal immigration with a 1,000 border agents, and no wall.

The problem isn’t a lack of infrastructure; it’s the system. It creates a black market in labor, by making itself too hard, and too costly for people to comply with.

Given any other issue of business compliance, conservatives would instantly understand it that way.
They understand if you regulate something too hard, you break what you’re regulating.


Again, SO WHAT. Goldwater was ALSO a moron on this issue…at least by today’s standards.


Yet he got the prediction right? Doesn’t add up Dave.


What would happen if you tried to sneak into Russia or China and you got busted by their border patrols? Methinks you’d likely get shot. That sounds like a good policy to me.



You take a historical figure who has been dead for decades and extrapolate his views to a different time under different conditions has an argument for your position. How do you know what Goldwater’s position would be if he were alive today? You don’t. Goldwater’s position was based upon the classical economic view before the enactment of government run programs that make it more attractive to come here and collect services at little or no cost.


Let’s not target screen names, please. Just argue against what he posts (I’ve done so many times).


Well it must obvious now that he is an open borders guy. We might has well cut though the rhetoric.


The 1990s, when we were in the same situation, just swap out Latin American refugees for Haitians.

Hell, Mexican immigration peaked in 1999, just a year after he died.

Mum’s the word on what these “different” conditions are.

Same to Him being right; calling amnesty directly out on what the result would be.

1980s, 1990s, we had welfare. We were getting more Mexicans than we are now.

And Goldwater was still right.

He completely called it. He called out what was happening in the 90s as evidence he got it right, and he was right.


Then just say so without invoking his screen name. I disagree with him (strongly and heatedly) quite a bit without targetting his screen name.


Open Borders = Stupidity
Open Borders = Anarchy
Open Borders = Crime, Rape and Drugs
Open Borders = Not having your own Country


Open Borders = Did it for a 140 years here. No Border Patrol until 1915. Still had a country.

Open Borders = What Texas did in open defiance to Eisenhower in the 1950s.

There’s actually this hilarious bit in history where the Mexican President was sending troops to the border to stop people from leaving, and we were sending people to pull them right over.