Migrant Caravans Head to US Border

Is this predictable or what? President Trump solved this problem by building a wall and convincing Mexico to guard the incomplete sections. But news that a communist placeholder might take office has reached Central America, so here they come.

Joe Biden has pledged to abolish many of the migration policies of Donald Trump, …

On social media, announcements are circulating for caravans, groups of migrants traveling together, leaving San Pedro Sula, Honduras’s second-largest city, which was hit by both storms. The first caravan is scheduled to leave in the coming days and the second in mid-January.

Get this:

“President-elect Joe Biden will restore order, dignity and fairness to our immigration system,” said Ned Price, a spokesman for Biden’s transition. “At its core, his immigration policy will be driven by the need to keep families together and end the disastrous policy of family separation.”

Isn’t that exactly what President Trump did after Obama left the immigration system in shambles, kids in cages? And more importantly, he built a wall to help them understand they need the dignity of self dependence.

We really really need the Supreme Court to throw out the fraud and let us keep our president.

Yes, get ready to be overwhelmed with illegal aliens. All of the work that has been done over the last fours years will be totally whipped out.

That can’t and won’t happen. The courts don’t have the evidence to show fraud. The Democrats destroyed it. The truth might come out in some “tell all” books someday, if we have any civil liberties left, but it won’t be in time to keep the Democrats out of power.

The last fire wall is the Georgia Senate races, and it’s not looking good down there. The polls say both races are toss-ups which is amazing. The Democrats are running two far left candidates who would have never stood a chance of winning a few years ago.

2020 has been a terrible year. 2021 will be worse.

The Texas case doesn’t depend on fraud. It depends on the fact that GA, MI, PA and WI violated their own state constitutions by illegally changing voter laws thereby disenfranchising the citizens of all other states. There’s no difficulty in proving this. And now 16 more states have joined the case–that’s a third of America.

This is big.

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Let’s hope you right, but I will very surprised if the Supreme Court takes the case.

Dude. Any crimes against americans are excusable, and even welcomed by the democrats. Having a border would insinuate that americans should be protected by their own laws. With Biden in control, … oh man. this is bleak