Migrants break through fence at Guatemala-Mexico border


Our soon to be new neighbors!



Armed police tear gas Honduran migrants at Guatemala-Mexico border but then let caravan of 4,000 PASS THROUGH, women and children first, as Trump’s demands to stop it are ignored


The Left ignore the laws and use violence to get their way, this will continue until their aggression and violence is met with the same.

At some point Americans will say “enough is enough”, the longer we wait to say that the uglier it will have to be.


I would guess these masses, which are now breaking through barricades along Mexico’s southern border, will begin arriving at our southern border a couple of days BEFORE our midterm election. One would be naïve to think this was not all planned. No doubt our media is already breaking out talking points and crying towels.

The interesting part is I think their arrival would bring out Repubs/conservatives to the polls like no other issue.


Yes, this may backfire on the Dems.

They have overplayed their hand on so many issues that the Law of Averages may catch up with them.

Some of the moderates (like Joe Biden for example) are telling these morons to cool it. Here’s hoping they (like Maxine Waters for example) don’t listen to Biden and self-destruct.