Migrants traveling to US sue Trump, government; claim violation of constitutional rights


So, everyone, everywhere has American Constitutional Rights?
Um, Ok!:unamused:





Actually, what is even more insane is that they might find a judge on the 9th Circus Court to hear the case.


Shouldn’t this apply?
(A ‘lot’ of eye glazing law ‘stuff’ on linked page)

It seems that in the last ten years or so the sole purpose for the existence of The United States is to be an unassimilated boarding house for the Third World.


At first, I dismissed this as a crackpot article. Then I realized that it was a for-real winner in the you’ve-got-to-be-pooping-me contest…


With the dems spoon-feeding these morons, this does not surprise me. Just what we need: thousands more who don’t know diddly squat about the Constitution, are easily manipulated (Spanish Lemmings), and have nothing positive whatsoever to offer to our country.


Old lady Ginsberg would rule in their favor. She has openly ridiculed our constitution in front of foreign audiences and government officials. She swore to “protect and defend the constitution.” We can see how good her word is. She is just another socialist ACLU lawyer…


She won’t be around too much longer. But if the left wins the House, they’ll likely figure out a way to stonewall Trump’s pick for a replacement.

Actually, how would that work? I mean, it’s the Senate (and the GOP will likely keep their majority there) that does the confirmation. The House doesn’t have anything to do with it, do they?


Yes, if the Dems take the House, but lose more seats in the Senate, they won’t be able to stop Trump’s Supreme Court tricks except by impeachment. Even there they need a majority in the Senate.


If they did take the Senate, they might well stonewall any nominations; and it might bite them in the posterior in the 2020 election…


She looks like a corpse in a black robe.