Migrants Walk into U.S. Beside Donald Trump’s Border Wall


Video at link.
Talk about ‘in your face’ lack of respect for our country and our President. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No, the law maybe, but the law is clueless here.

We’ve had economic migrants since the 1920s, if not earlier; laws cannot rewrite that. It can be a steward of it, the same way we regulate crops or oil, but it may not block it.

If the law tries to do this, the law will fail, and the damage that stems from this will be the fault of lawmakers who didn’t understand their role, nor the limits of their own power.

Unjust laws, should never be written. Overreaching laws, should be condemned for overreaching.


I wonder why you are so adamant that more, unskilled, uneducated “workers” flooding into the country is a “good” thing for America. Studies have shown repeatedly that when you have more such workers, wages earned by workers go down…or have you somehow repealed the laws of supply and demand? One researcher, David Paul Kuhn, maintains (correctly, in my opinion) that lower wages for men reduces the incidence of marriage and INCREASES the incidence of out-of-wedlock births–exacerbating the cycle of poverty in this country.


You just admitted that you have a problem with immigrants then.

We should have a legalized guest worker program where we bring these people in legally, but you don’t want that.

Thus, you have a problem with immigration.

Nope, that’s short term, long term wages go up, because immigrants spur on labor demand:

Long term trends matter Dave. That’s why the left gets things wrong on economics, it’s all short-term analysis with them.


I did NOT object to immigrants above. I object to the unskilled, uneducated ILLEGALS flooding into the U.S. By in large, LEGAL immigrants aren’t in that category any longer, though admittedly they were in days gone by. None of those immigrants I spoke about earlier were here “illegally,” even when they first arrived.


Yes you do, you want a stop to anyone unskilled, uneducated, legal or illegal.

That’s why you don’t like Bracero or the Goldwater plan, because both are premised on letting those people in.

And here’s a fact about Immigration & economics Dave, you can’t deny it:

Immigration is 1st and foremost about manpower, not skills.

There’s never been a time in our history when that wasn’t true.
Bracero premised explicitly on immigrants being manpower, because that’s what immigrants are chiefly for.


BS. AS. I didn’t say I didn’t like Bracero or the “Goldwater plan” whatever that was. I said I was opposed to our country being flooded by unskilled, uneducated ILLEGALS who don’t come here to BE Americans, but to suck up our dollars and turn the U.S. into a country just like the one they left. We don’t have a NEED for “warm bodies.” We have a need for those who can contribute positively to this country. There was a time a century or so ago when we DID need “warm bodies.” That’s no longer the case.


I don’t see a problem with that!
A nation has the right to approve who it lets take residency inside it’s borders.

It also has the right to want people who are educated, skilled and yes … legal!

Why should we as a people have to be responsible to educate, feed and clothe the dregs of other ‘failed’ nations!?


You may like them less if they’re illegals, but you don’t want legal uneducated, unskilled people either.

You’ve stated this several times, because you think they’ll rival Americans in employment, or lower wages.

Thus, you won’t go along with an immigration plan that bring those people legally in.

You would never go along with an Ellis Island approach that accepted 98% of people; despite how successful it was.


Then you don’t look at history very often.

Italian immigrants in the 1920s were far more violent, and far less educated than Latin immigrants today.

Their primary usage wasn’t skills, it was manpower. Having bodies to fill labor-intensive industries.

This has been true in every. single. mass immigration wave. America has had.

and In every single one of those waves, America Prospered.

In the 1850s with the Irish, the Chinese and (more) Germans in the 1870s, the Central and South Europeans in the 1890s, and Mexicans and Eastern Europeans in the early 20th century.

Wrong; most immigrants already have some form of education, certainly enough for the simple work they’re mostly employed in. We’re getting the benefit of that for free.

That’s part of what makes immigration such a good deal. We didn’t have to pay the social cost to raise the workers; they just come to us.


Uneducated, low-skilled immigrants helped make America great!